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# 1 Tactical battleship
03-07-2014, 12:18 PM
We need a Battleship with all universal seats in the c-store. People would buy them and you would make a lot of money. Money is good. Even Klingon money. The Mogh would be a perfect example.

I am not sure if any Devs or anyone in any position to make a change reads this thread, however I would like to see a tactical battle ship.

I used BoPs until level 50. I wanted something more. I tried raptors briefly but they are bigger BoPs and actually was less fun than a BoP.

I wanted a destroyer but no option to get one at level 50. There is the fleet heavy destroyer but you have to be in a fleet who allows you to buy one first and if not you have to find a fleet and wait until you are finally allowed to buy on after making tons of donations (which I don't mind) but it could be weeks or months before they allow you to buy a ship.

Ok so I want instant gratification. Silly me. But is that not what the c-store is all about? And you do not have anything level 50 like a destroyer except for that horrendously ugly non Klingon Dyson? I am sorry calling it ugly is offensive. I am sure the persons who designed it did the best they could.

But sometimes the truth hurts and that ship is butt ugly. Still I bought the c-store Advanced Tactical Dyson because it looked a LITTLE less Federation than the Quest one. It performs very well except for that annoying thing where changing from a zone to sector space or popping out of a battle puts you in science mode and you have to wait on a long cool down before you can go into tactical mode. Same if you die. You have to wait a full minute to get back to tactical mode making your cannons useless during that time.

If the Dyson has to look like a plastic toy at lease lose the cooldown on tactical mode and fix that annoying issue with the right nacelle . Maybe even add an interior to the ship. It looks like it was thrown together very fast with very little thought invested into it.

So how about a tactical Light Battle Ship (for the Klingons) The federation has lots of ships already and it would not hurt you to make a Klingon ship that is not just another Federation ship with a silly skin painted on it. (Avenger = Mogh = Avenger with a Klingon Skin).

Not that was just lazy. Really, it was. Build a Klingon ship made for battle. An actual battleship and sell it in the c-store with all universal slots just like the BoPs. Let us choose what to put in those slots because we are the one paying for it.

By now I am pretty sure you are deeply offended. Don't be. Lighten up for a change. You know Klingons get no love when it comes to getting new ships. Put your personal hatred for Klingons aside for a while and focus on the money. Seeing that there is not squat of value in the c-store for Klingons it does not take a mega-brain to see that a new ship that was actually a real Klingon ship and not a re-skinned federation ship would sell like crazy. Hell make the thing $30,00 instead of the outrageous $25.00 you are charging for your remapped one and they will still sell. I would have no issue dropping $35.00 for a Mogh with universal seats. I would feel that you screwed me and you would have but I would still buy it. But a unique Klingon Battle ship or even Destroyer with universal seat I would pay $35.00 and actually feel good. I would feel better if you charged a fair price but even I am not so foolish to think you would looking at what you have for the different factions in the c-store now.

And no i am not a jerk all the time. But I am annoyed. I have a right to be annoyed. After getting to level 50 and buying lots of shops and other things in the c-store I have nothing worth buying now. There is not an actual Klingon Destroyer Tier 5 in the c-store. That has to be an oversight because I would thank that marketing (providing you have a marketing department) you not miss an opportunity to make money.

So with that I just had an moment to clarity. Instead of moaning here i should simply contact your marketing department and explain to them how they can make money hand over feet by simply adding things we WANT to the c-store. A simple but brilliant concept that most companies cannot grasp. With ESO coming out soon you may want to do something to hold on to all of your players in stead of just the federation. I mean you may be happy if everyone else left and all you have was the feds running around looking at each other's pretty ships and feeling safe in their tiny little world, but how long would the game last? Hell maybe forever. May not forever. But the truth is, things get boring when you have a mono-culture. Yes you all look alike and you all do the same thing and you all say the same things but then you are no Better than clones or Borg.

Think for a moment STO went f2p because you were hemorrhaging players and you needed to attract more. You allowed Klingons as a playable race because you NEEDED to attract player. You did not like it but you needed it. So now that we are here you may want to find something that we like to keep us around. A few ships here and there wont hurt. Yes in the Star Trek universe Klingons did not change much. They had a few designs that they used over and over for centuries. i get that. But there are not here paying your bills. I am and people like me are. New ship, Different uniform options, universal seats on battleships. You can find a way to do it.

Offended yet? Good.

Now you can wallow in it. You can hate me. You can post all kind of hate that I will not read and that will accomplish nothing or you can create the things people like me will buy and take your family to some kind of tropical vacation or something while I ignore my family and play STO.

Or you can simply do nothing. Either way chill it is just a game in the end. It is a matter of who want to be a millionaire. Build a better mouse trap and they will come. It mean that PEOPLE will buy the mouse traps. The mice? Well they will watch and continue to poop all over the place while they admire the pretty new tray they walked around.
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# 2
03-07-2014, 01:27 PM
Not even entirely sure what you're rambling about. I THINK its the 'Klingons don't have enough Cstore stuff' argument? Maybe with a lean towards destroyer-type ships in particular?

Except with the Tor'kaht, the Mogh, and battlecruisers in general, that the one place the KDF particularly shines even after LoR. Moderate speed, heavy firepower, high durability, and a good mix of tac and engineering boff stations? I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome my Tor'kaht is.

And if its about battleships with tac leanings and universal stations, its called Bortasqu. Cmdr Eng, LtCmdr Tac, Lt Tac, up to 5 tac consoles, klingon looks, cloaking device? Slow as hell but nothing stopping you from running the engineer as EPTS1, A2B1, EPTW3, DEM3, then setting up your tac skills to be either a giant semi-mobile cannon platform or a FAW boat as nasty as any.

So what exactly is this rant about?
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# 3
03-07-2014, 01:51 PM
Not entirely sure, but the OP might be looking for the Guramba, actually.
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# 4
03-07-2014, 02:50 PM
Ow, that wall of text made my eyes sting.
More on topic. I agree with what the people above me are saying. What exactly are you ranting about? Not only did your language make it hard to understand, but the sheer length of your post with the annoying white text on black background also contributed a great deal. Also, how is all universal seating a "Tactical Battleship". With all universal, I could build a ship with absolutely no tactical at all! (Not that it would be very good). Finally, I believe that most of the current Klingon ships in STO are, in fact, built for battle.
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# 5
03-07-2014, 10:38 PM
Also, trying to offend someone into helping or doing something nice for you is a great life strategy.

Oh, wait no - not "great." What's the word...

Terrible, that's it.

Terrible life strategy.
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# 6
03-08-2014, 01:46 AM
I tried to understand the OP's message...I really did.
Could someone translate this please?
Yes I know it's not full of typos or weird grammar but I still don't get it.
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# 7
03-08-2014, 04:13 AM
You didn't trigger hate - you triggered amusement.
Take it easy!

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# 8
03-08-2014, 04:29 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
I tried to understand the OP's message...I really did.
Could someone translate this please?
Yes I know it's not full of typos or weird grammar but I still don't get it.
As a text, it lacks a proper structure. This makes it very ineffective, even though some points are quite valid.

It doesn't have one unmarked/unannounced shift of focus, it has like 4 or 5. It has the content for about 4 paragraphs, in terms of topic material, but that content is not organised or linked up properly, nor are there any indicators guiding the reader through it. It further lacks a conclusion or summary at the end, substituting that with a defence of the post, of sorts.

I think this is the basic argument:
"We need a Battleship with all universal seats in the c-store. People would buy them and you would make a lot of money. Money is good. Even Klingon money. The Mogh would be a perfect example.

I am not sure if any Devs or anyone in any position to make a change reads this thread, however I would like to see a tactical battle ship." (ibreakbones 1)
On which he then expands with a number of discussions of why and why the current line-up is lacking.

So, if the various sidetracks would've been integrated into an overarching thrust or argument, with some markers to guide the reader through it, it probably would've been quite readable and something many people would've agreed on. As it is, it is close to unreadable and actively antagonises its readers, which detracts from its potential.

(@OP: See what I did there?

- Statement
-- Expansion on statement with arguments
-- Analysis of situation
-- (insert additional paragraphs with arguments or discussion topics here, if desired)
- Conclusion, linking back to initial statement

Not meant as a dig, but as general advice to make your writing more convincing and accessible. A decent structure gets you halfway to a convincing text.)
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# 9
03-08-2014, 04:36 AM
From what I could gather, he wants a battlleship faster than the Mogh, ALL universal seating so he can sit boffs as he pleases and more firepower than the scimitar.

Bout what I got out of it anyways.
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# 10
03-08-2014, 04:42 AM
Well personally I want the next KDF ship to not be a battlecruiser for a change.
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