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# 1 FBP1 to LtCmdr
04-27-2014, 10:49 AM
This isnt a complaint about FBP. Rather its a discussion about the ability mechanics.

FBP does not have a "normal" counter, by which I mean, it cannot be countered with a simple Lietenant-grade BOFF ability. Instead it can only be only be countered with subnuc that disables the ability, or by "dont shoot the target" defensive flying.

Furthermore, FBP1 is a Lieutenant science ability so every ship is able to equip it. This opens the door for things like, decloak alpha with FBP active, and if the target returns any defensive fire on you then you get to throw it back with extra damage buffs (hellow APA/decloak bonus/etc)--you can use it to either amplify your own killing power, or force them not to throw any defensive fire.

There are three or four problems at play here, but it seems to me that from a basic design POV that FBP1 should not be usable except on science ships that only have weak weapon systems. It gives them some extra damage potential without being ridiculous, but pure warships should not be able to use it.

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