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# 1 T5 VA Negh'Var/Voodieh Refit
03-12-2014, 08:14 PM
Yes, there have been a few threads before, but I thought I would bring it up again.

I want to see a T5 VA refit of the ship much like the Regent is the refit of the Sovereign.

Like the Sovy, the shields should be 5% mind-point between the T5 RA and the Fleet Refit. Also like the Regent, the BOFF layout should be the same as the Fleet Refit. Like the Regent, it should come with the wide-angle torpedo and the metreon-gas canisters.

What would be different? First the art would be the forward cannon graphic as was seen in "All Good Things..." (TNG), and "Endgame" (VOY). Also, it would have the under-slung pods seen on the Negh'Var.

In addition, to come with this forward cannon graphic would be a disruptor-lance power similar to the Galaxy-X lance. The Galaxy-X has the lance and in-built, with a console for the cloaking device, the Negh'Var/Voodieh would have the cloak as in-built, with the lance weapon as the console.

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