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There are many things about the new Tour of the Galaxy mission that I like. The mission bubbles that show which sectors you have ticked off your flight path, is very helpful. Including all the sectors, now makes it a true navigation challenge. And making it a daily event also allows us to run it much more often.

However by not starting at a specific place at a specific time, I believe it loses the feeling of a race that it had before.

Previously everyone would gather around the NCP at the station, waiting for the timer to go off. Then everyone would start the mission an beam out. Their ships waiting at the starting line would all rush off into sector space. This reminded me of how the old Formula 1 racers would stand across the race track from their cars, then run to them when the flag was dropped.

It wouldn't take much to bring this back. You had the dynamics already in the previous version of the mission.

1. Have the mission start with the respective NCP as it did before, except have a race start at the top of every hour. Allow up to 5 minutes after the top of the hour for entrants to accept the mission. This would keep the start of the race in the social area as it did before and group the racers like a starting line.

2. The timer would still start at the moment you accept the mission. Allowing you to run the full race up to the hour cut off, however a player would only be able to accept the mission once every 20 hours. Keeping the intent of the daily mission it has become now.

Of course, giving anyone accepting the mission Diplomatic Immunity for the hour would allow them to cross into every sector, keeping the new navigation challenge in place. No matter what level the player is.

3. After completing the entire circuit the player would reporting back to the NCP as you have it now. Allowing to the NPC to record the time and get the rewards offered.

4. The recorded time could then be posted on a 3D display near the NCP. The top 3 times for that race and the top three times for that week, with other scroll-able screens that could show all of the times and rankings so players can find out what their times were.

After a week you could give the holder of the fastest time the accolade of "Fastest Ship in the Fleet" for that next week.

This would be huge bragging rights for anyone able to pull it off. Also I'm sure many would spend whatever it took to build a ship to hold that title.

In closing I understand why you needed to change this mission into its current form. but I feel you have lost something with the new format many (racers) types like me enjoyed about it.

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03-18-2014, 05:44 PM
I agree. One of the best things about doing the race was the start, seeing everyone beaming out and dozens of ships warping out. I've only done TtG twice since the reboot; partly because the rewards are a bit low, and second, it doesn't feel like as much fun, knowing that I'm the only one randomly flying across every sector like a Gekli with it's head chopped off.

So, yeah, I'm all for something like this =)
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03-18-2014, 08:08 PM
Beaming out delays combined with delays from changing maps and all due to having to start from the same old NPC in the middle of some starbase.

No thank you.

The new tour is challenging enough with the 15 minute time limit and we don't need additional annoyances.
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03-20-2014, 12:51 PM
I have seen the lag you have mentioned with the way the mission was run before. However with the timers starting at the moment you accept the mission, it would be about the elapsed time, not the first player back. So any delay you do have accepting the mission isn't counted to the finish you end up with.

You could be the last one beaming out and the last one back, but if your elapsed time was quicker you would win that race.

The way the mission is currently, it is just a grunt mission you do to get money, nothing about it holds much more of an interest than that. In it's current state I would recommend they simply drop it entirely.

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