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03-10-2014, 03:11 AM
Originally Posted by kaiserkacto View Post
On the other hand dyson rep requires a lot less energy credits and XP, if you are a newcomer most likely you are not going to have them.
A valid point.

Originally Posted by kaiserkacto View Post
so even if you don't need a gun for grinding marks, you will need at least an averge build for farming energy credits and XP
Technically, that isn't true. Some of my most profitable toons are completely devoid of useful equipment, being that they are KDF and Cryptic has not seen fit to actually create enough ships for me to buy one!

But I suppose you have a point: Dyson is pretty lenient in terms of requirements. You need a ship, or a gun, but not necessarily both, and the gun doesn't have to be any good.
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03-10-2014, 03:11 AM
Really, it depends what you're after.

Ironically, the Voth are one of the least-forgiving opponents, but the Dyson rep is probably the best/fastest one to bring a new character 'up to speed'. The ground set is also quite good and an excellent way to gear up your boffs. The passive bonuses from the rep are something you'll get a lot of mileage out of as well.

New Romulus is a good reputation for learning the basics. The Tau Dewa patrols are a great way for new players to cut their teeth and understand how to adapt to different situations. Each system/hostile faction has their own strengths and weaknesses that will test a ship in different ways - Hirogen will shield and buff-strip you, Gorn will throw down mines and Aceton Assimilators everywhere, Nausicaan will try to snare you and hit you with a lot of direct hull damage(via transphasic torp volleys), etc. The shield sets are decent, but disruptor-plasma space weapons you unlock are the true prize of this reputation.

Nukara.. honestly.. is a pain to grind and the rewards you get from it are more for show than performance. The best things you'll get out of it are the Web Mines, ground cryo-proc and the point-defense 'chain lightning' ability for rank 5. The weapons are mediocre(I'm saying this as someone who loves Tetryons) and there are better options(even from the exchange) than the sets you can get from this rep.

Omega is probably the gold standard. With no less than 4 distinct ship shield sets, a weapon set, and 3-5 ground sets, this is the reputation you use to pimp your characters out. Most of the sets are still considered to be the best in the game, even though they are the oldest. If there is one drawback to the reputation, it's that you'll have to look elsewhere to equip your ship with weapons. [borg] space weapons were made unavailable when this was converted to the reputation system. This reputation is also the least friendly towards people who prefer to solo/not run 5-man queues.
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03-10-2014, 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by szerontzur View Post
Ironically, the Voth are one of the least-forgiving opponents, but the Dyson rep is probably the best/fastest one to bring a new character 'up to speed'.
I would definitely NOT say that. Dyson equipment is extremely niche, and the core pieces are pretty much entirely designed for PvP use and of limited practical utility in regular gameplay. Why exactly would you need a 100K damage proton hax barrage every several minutes in PvE, anyway? NPCs will be nearly totally unfazed by this due to their outlandish 6-digit HP counts, and you can barely use it.

The passives offered are, of course, pretty nice, but the gear is far too niche to be counted as a "generalist" rep. For this, Omega is your clear winner: Versatile equipment pieces that are applicable to general usage. And since, for some pesky reason, you can equip only a single core part, any resources spent on anything except your final loadout are wasted.
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03-10-2014, 06:22 AM
New Player here.

New Romulus will be the easiest for the players who aren't going into PvE ques. Tau Dewa patrol will award 60 marks while, azure nebula rescue will typically reward 16-25 marks.

The patrol takes longer, but not by much. I personally like the Jabori system for patrolling. My buddy showed me this one, it is a straight forward space fight with three waves.

Do this 5 or 6 times to complete the tau dewa daily patrol.

Mine trap (ground) and Azure Nebula are both viable for some marks.

Once I started doing PvE ques Omega and Nukara both are going fast. I've gotten all of them to tier 3 with New Romulus and Nukara leading the way to tier 4.

Dyson isn't hard, but I think it will take me longer since one of the rep grinding missions only gives 150 rep an hour, and I can't be online 6hours playing to get the same as the other reps give after 20 hrs.

If I can say this and one person reads it and tries the ques, I'll be happy. I started thinking that even at 50 there was no place for me in a qued mission since I didn't have elite weapons and equipment. I was wrong, you can contribute, damage is damage, taking attention of ships and damage off others helps. In Azure nebula, I started off as a "tractor beam disabler" since usually I wasn't doing much popping of enemy ships. But that is HUGE in Azure Nebula Rescue, one guy focusing on disabling tractor beams can make for an easy que.

TRY a Que. Do it on normal if you want to just figure out what it is about, then later try out the elites after getting a feel for it.

What is the worst that can happen? They take fifteen minutes, you don't have to communicate with your team if you don't wish to...you may blow up, but if it isn't elite you won't take damage...

Try it, you may find you like it. I NEVER do group pugs in MMO's...but now I do them every day.

Also, join a fleet. Get some nice doodads for your ship.

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03-10-2014, 06:58 AM
Here is an alternative way to grind reps. I have completed the original three reps (Romulan, Omega and Tholian) on 5 alts and the Dyson rep on 2 of those 5 with the other three around tier 3 and finishing up the rep within the next two weeks. I figured out a way that worked for me to level all reps up all at the same time.

When I signed into a particular alt, first I would turn in all my DOff missions and refill the DOff missions. Then I would queue for Infected Elite Space (Omega marks, dil, gear). After completing that, I would queue for Crystaline Catasrophe Elite (Nukara marks, dil, gear). Upon completing that, I would run Breach Elite (Dyson marks, Dyson Commendation, dil, gear). After finishing those three I would run the Tau Dewa patrol mission (Romulan Marks, gear from loot). To complete Tau Dewa Patrol, I'd start at Carraya, fly to Japori, fly to Beta Thoridor, fly to Narendra and finish at Gamma Eridon. While doing Tau Dewa, I would have the Tholian Red Alert mission in my mission queue and if it popped, I'd go do it (25% of Tau Dewa Patrol mission, Dil, Rom Marks). At the end of this mission run, I would go to New Romulus and sell everything I had looted (Exchange for premium items, vendor for trash). After I completing these missions, I would finish by loading up all rep missions on each of the reps. With this method I found I never ran out of cash, experience, or marks.

The total time for doing this was usually around an hour to an hour and a half. DOff'ing takes about 10 minutes. It would take around 2-10 mins for ISE, 8-15 mins for CCE, 10-15 mins for BE and about 20-30 mins for TDP. The times depend on how good the other players that you end up teaming with are. Even in the worst PUG's I ran into, I don't think I ever spent more than 30 minutes in any one mission.

I usually don't play anymore than one character at a time, so I would do this with one alt a day, then I would go do what I wanted for what ever remaining play time I had. I would also point out that the three alts that I got through the original three reps were done before the Sponsorship Token was live on Holodeck. That being said, it would be a breeze to do this again with the Sponsorship Token on any new alt I might wish to make in the future.

This is not the only way to do the reps, but it I found it worked for me. Good luck to you on which ever way you choose to do the reps.

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03-10-2014, 07:19 AM
You dont need to do em in order. You can do em at the same time.

I completed the omega, new romulus and nukara with my main and after that, i never touched any rep system again with my other toons. Cuz im a bit tired lol. But it is supossed that you finish the reputation system with your main, and you can use a token to double the reputation exp for you others toon. So i f you have a toon that will benefit a lot from the new romulus reputation (cuz it is a science toon, or it will be based on plasma build, omega reputation is also good in this) then you can use the token adquired when you finished omega reputation in your main toon, to double the exp in your other toon, so u can reach the final new romulus tier 5 again faster than before.

About the Aegis set.. dont use the crafting system.. (btw my kumari has the full set of the aegis now, look at my signature lol) just gather the complete set from the exchange, it is not cheap (about 2 million each piece) but it will cost you a lot less than using the craft system.

1 tip, you should finish all the tiers of all the reputations (or the ones you are interested first) before you make any store / item project.
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03-10-2014, 07:24 AM
When it comes to grinding the reputation tiers, Dyson is undoubtedly the easiest - the way to do it is simply to accept the daily mission in the Allied Zone, get your one daily commendation for that, and slot the requisite project ("Thwart Voth Plans", I think it's called).

Although the daily mission may, on occasion, get you involved in fights with Voth ships, you're not required to actually win those fights. So, if you don't mind exploding, this mission can be done in ten minutes with no special equipment of any kind.

Of course, if you're grinding for Dyson rep gear, it's a different story, since that stuff requires Voth Cybernetic Implants, and the only reliable way to get those in quantity is fighting dinoes in the Battlezone. (They occasionally pop out of the equipment packages you get from filling a rep project - but not very often!)

After that, Romulan rep is easily gathered by raising epohhs... I don't think there's any non-combat way to get Omega or Nukara rep, though, outside of special events. Maybe you could grind away for ages at some of the non-combat missions in the Defera ground zone for Omega marks, but it wouldn't half take a while - and, as with Dyson, it wouldn't get you the special items (Borg Neural Processors in this case) you need for the good gear.

All the rep gear has its strengths and weaknesses, and which sets you like will depend very much on your personal play style - so much so that I don't think there are any hard and fast answers about which sets are "best".

And, as someone pointed out above, the Dyson storyline starts where the Romulan one ends... and the Romulan one includes references to "the situation on Nukara", so I'd assume Nukara is chronologically earlier, too. As far as that matters.
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03-10-2014, 08:48 AM
I would suggest you have the ROM rep done as soon as possible, since all the Dyson stories happen AFTER the events you get through with the ROM rep...

Originally Posted by pwelaughingtrendy
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03-10-2014, 09:01 AM
As a newcomer, I'm finding the Romulan Rep the easiest to level. The Sector Patrol is not only 60 Marks, but you can combine it with a 15 mark or so radiation mission that is gotten from the staging area and kill three birds with one stone - 60 marks for the completed patrol, 15 for the radiation "mission", and when you hit 300 radiation reports, turn those in for marks as well.

Also, the dailies on New Romulus are "friendlier" than the other reps, less combat, easier combat when you DO fight. I find I can finish a New Romulus daily in a few minutes by tagging Baby Nanovs or dispersing bugs, but Nukara Prime and the Deferi Zone take a little longer.

To be fair though, if you aren't doing STFs, the Deferi Invasion Zone at least awards Fleet Marks in addition to the small number of Omega marks they grant.
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03-10-2014, 09:58 AM
Omega is the most useful and powerful reputation but it does require combat. Queue for normal Infected: The Conduit (space) and normal Khitomer: In Stasis (ground)to get used to them. Those are the two easiest STFs. When you learn how their optionals work start queueing for elite. Elite is what you really want.

Don't be afraid to queue for that ground STF! So many people avoid ground STF public groups but it's not warranted for Khitomer. A single competent engineer with mines will make it a breeze (no turrets please!). Elite Khitomer: In Stasis (sometimes called KAGE from it's previous name) is the second easiest STF after The Conduit.

Do both of them elite and you get a lot of omega marks, some neural processors which you need, almost 2k dilithium and possibly some good equipment (it's random and you're not there for equipment drops anyway). The Infected: The Conduit queue pops every few seconds but you might have to wait a few minutes for Khitomer. It's not that long though, it's still just popular enough that it does pop regularly.

I run both elite STFs with my four characters all the time. I've probably run both of those elite STFs more than all other content in the game combined. I think I can run KAGE in my sleep. My main character even got invited to a great fleet that specializes in borg STFs because he was lucky enough to be the lone random in a 4-man fleet team that queued for an elite ground and we kicked major ass (and it was what's now called Infected: Manus which has arguably the most difficult optional of all STFs, contending for that title with The Cure: Applied).

tl;dr: Queue for those elite ground STFs, at least Khitomer.

After Omega it's up to the build you want to use, but I find Romulan the next most useful reputation.
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