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# 1 help a red shirt
02-05-2010, 03:21 PM
Okay, I know the main purpose of a red shirt, is to attract any and all danger / damage, because hey, red is an angry color, ask any bull.

Im looking for some tips on how to deal with the others, because at this point Im THIS <> close to just rerolling engineer. The +damage to weapons from Assault Training, Soldier, and Firearms is just....funny. Invested 9/9/9 so far, and I do ...oh....10 more damage per shot? Using a MKV rifle.

My skills? er they're buffs. one is a debuff to runspeed and damage resistance for 3 seconds....

Anyway, using the skills I get as a tactical officer (im a commander currently) How the HECK do I counteract the abilites of the other classes? I cant kill an engineer or a science officer, it just doesnt happen. Another tactical officer? thats an awesome fight of epic proportions. I have to just pray for exposes otherwise.

Sci officers seem to just pew pew pew, put me in a stasis field, heal to full...pew pew pew. im dead, they're full life.

Engineers? ....-_- I dont even get through the shield, I could try close combat, but I dont enjoy it.

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