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Originally Posted by Joe_Novax
I'll add to this list of things for a big future patch or future content.

2- Portraits for ships - Right now when targeting an NPC/player ship you get a portrait for their ship hull that's the same for all ships that class. Why not have a portrait like the captain's portrait with the shields around it and tint red when health is deducted from the hull? With a ship portrait we can show off our ships' more in PVP and in PVE. It would be more visually interesting then what we have in place now.

5- Missions with multiple scenarios which lead to multiple reward types - A scenario would be something simple like deciding whether to stay on the ship or send an away team. If the player sends an away team, then the away team is in danger when an enemy ship warps in, thus forcing the payer to fight in space. If the player chooses to lead the away team, they go the ground where an enemy ship engages your ship in space and transports troops to the planet to deal with you. This allows the player to kinda decided which mission they want to do (space/ground). This is only one example how mission choices could affect gameplay/rewards. I would really like to see this in Genesis Missions.

6- More objective based PVP

7-PVP that has sector space/space combat/ground combat - some kinda capture and hold where players have to beam down to planets to secure points and travel to these planets via a PVP sector space

8- Missions inside ships - Quests/mini games available to ships, A holodeck where we can relive scenes from the show or movies like playing as Kirk when he fought Khan in STII
These are the ones I whole heartedly agree with. In addition:

1 Greatly increased server stability and performance for all clients

2 Added hotkey binds for ship power level settings (yes, I know you can do this right now with text commands, but come on. this should be in the general options)

3 We have reviewed the skill point point issue and have decided in favor of once again returning to an uncapped system. We will be tuning the random end game content to reflect the average total of skill points between all participants. We will also be delivering story based raid missions in X tiers sorted also by total skill points with the first tier starting at 70k

4 Added space traits to bridge officers!

5 We have added a 30 second warmup period to all pvp matches so teams may organize themselves accordingly

6 We have decided to allow effective (not overhealing) healing done to faction members in a fleet action will now contribute to your overall score.

I'm sure theres more, but thats what I would really like to see.

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