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I am enjoying my time so far on STO. I'd love for there to be more to do than just combat all the time. I am guessing that it wouldn't be so tough to add some minigames to the game engine. Just a way for there to be gameplay where you are helping overcome an anomaly or research something to help a species out of a disaster.
For example, the minigame from Star Trek Elite Force. The one where you "rewire" the control terminals by turning the nodes to redirect the flow of energy along a path that avoids the "bad" nodes that caused you to have to restart.
Or something along the lines of the "security bypass" minigame from Mass Effect.
Or how about a variation of that computer hacking minigame from Fallout 3. The one where you had a code to guess and you had 5 guesses to make from a list of codes and each guess would tell you which digits you got correct in the right order so you had to work out which ones you had guessed right and search for the code.
Obviously minigames that are more fun than those examples would be great. I'd just love for there to be other types of gameplay to help add to the variety of the STO experience.

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