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A Little League Baseball team will not defeat a Major League Baseball team, ever. Seems reasonable, right?

So what makes you think the novice, below average, average, above average, fair, somewhat good, good, very good, excellent or exceptional STO PvP players stand any chance against World Class PvPers?

They have no chance.

And note the grades I list. There are more grades than that. There are 1st rate players and there are 20th rate players. And you can add more divisions than that too.

A good PvP (natural ability and Ventrillo) premade group will almost never defeat an exceptional PvP premade group. And that same exceptional team that handily beats the good team will almost never defeat a World Class team. And there are tiers in World Class play in any game whether it's tennis, poker, baseball, chess or MMO PvP.

But whereas it's apparent that a golfer, chess master, chess grandmaster, tennis player is better (more skilled) than you (he beats you most or all of the time), it's not so apparent in poker, backgammon, and MMO PvP.

Unskilled players in these latter mentioned games curse their bad luck or scream "Nerf!", never realizing that they lose because they are just outclassed. They play against the Garry Kasparov of Poker, Backgammon or STO PvP and they just can't figure out why or how they lose all the time.

Now STO is populated by mostly new (novice), below average and average MMO players (PvP or PvE). But whereas the good to very good and up PvPers have the experience and skill to recognize when they are outclassed, the novice, below average and average PvPers have no clue. They usually lose so they think the game must be unbalanced.

And hence all these "They Are Overpowered" threads, whether it's nerf Klingons or nerf Federation.

Yes, there are some imbalances. They are minor. In 1st tier play the Klingons have an edge. In second tier play the Federation has somewhat of an edge. Most knowledgeable PvPers say T3-T5 is relatively balanced. The game's new. Things will be fixed.

And remember, the less skilled the player, the bigger any small edge seems. Just remember that the better players will beat you regardless of who has a small edge. Would you play Garry Kasparov for money if he spotted you a Queen? I wouldn't. He'd crush me even though I was a Queen up. And most people here are reasonable enough to realize that.

If there was a balanced premade team of Average players in STO and they were given double shields and double hull and played against a balanced World Class team with regular ships, or even just a balanced Exceptional team, who would you bet on? Bingo.

So I think before people post on what needs to be nerfed anywhere they should ask themselves this question: How would I rate myself as a PvP player? And remember that there is a big gulf between Average and Good, and if you are an Average player and your Average premade team has been beaten by an Exceptional team it'll look like magic.

In any game situation, provided the situation is even perceived correctly, the question is not: what do I do in this situation? The question is: what do I consider in this situation? Given that the best players think quickly and therefore consider many options quickly they have a huge additional edge on top of the edge they already have.

I just wanted to clarify that.

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