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Hey all,
I just started playing and I have 'loot questions' I want to ask.
After I kill a person or destroy a ship they sometimes leave behind items, my question is does everyone get this item or is it a 'whoever gets there first gets dibs' thing? Mainly, I don't want to be rude and take 4 items in a row but don't want them to go to waster either if I'm the only one who can loot them.

Also, does this work for mining nodes as well? I've come across places to scan while aboard my ship and am able to gather some kind of alien metal from them. Does everyone get their see their own or is it again, frist come first serve? Also, so these mining node respawn for a set amount of time? Or do I have to exit a system and reenter them?

Thanks kindly for the answers!!
Lt. Commander
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02-05-2010, 05:46 PM
anomalies are first-come-first-serve as far as I can tell

dropped loot is round robin, i think (but that's just my best guess). if it's white, it belongs to someone else. if it's yellow, it's yours.

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