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# 1 Talking about pvp ova hurr
03-14-2014, 12:30 PM
Talking about pvp, in terms of my preferred activity list in descending order of how awesome it is/much time i spend there. Theres a few different ways to get a fix, all involve feds dying in fireballs.

>>Kerrat: Really can't say enough about the best zone in the game. While it may have its downsides periodic camps and perpetual interruptions via reset, no other zone offers a static enduring pvp experience. It can start quiet, one small skirmish resulting in epic gankfests, fedball pwnage, and plenty of noobs asking wtf happened. Whether 10v1 or 1 v10, the wide array of possible encounters in kerrat is unmatched in sto pvp. Not just for farmers, long time pvp veterans often go there to engage hardened enemies worthy of coordinated and patient attacks.
The sad thing being this is the only zone which even resembles open pvp in sto
Kerrat owns, and i likely spent way over 50% of time in game there, waiting and watching for the next pwn moment.

>>Organized 10v10 "Big PVPS"
Over the years the next best thing to kerrat has been the (lag filled) clusterfudge that is 10 v 10 big pvp games hosted by yours truly. From my perspective, few games offer a greater selection of ripe targets, often not paying attention/lagging out. Whether i spam my friends list and invite everyone randomly, people join from the organizedpvp or tyler durden channel, there is no trouble getting a mega match going on (altho i havent been all up on about this too much lately). Props to gorn/jpf for also beign a long time big pvp supporter. 10v10 ftw!

if u could have ten man team ui and less lag, 10v10 pvp arena would be more popular, as of now its a fun nonstandard to occasionally make happen.

>>1v1 Challenge
Theres a growing number of individuals who really appreciate duels. Fostered easily through the organizedpvp chat channel, i often accept duels with randoms all the time. A refreshing match with "noobs" who bring whatever they can muster is a grand old time. A GG for all and a proton instavape for the unfortunate. From old time legends like yak to the total random noob, matching ships in the age old endeavor of mano e mano is a particular favorite of the fine few. Not for everyone, but im sure theres someone on right now, willing to x up for a "duel anyone"

>> Pugstomp time
Im the one stomped, and i like it. Qing alone in fvk pvp often i find people i know anyone, and we wtfpwnzor random afkers/ quitter feds. But every great while I find a great game, either a premade or an outright mismatch 5v3, managing to get your own personal victory knowing the odds: priceless. Getting kills no matter what the enemy team does or consists of>> golden apex of true skill pwn players. (see santa claws win 5v1 s etc) Its liek a box of choclates. Its pretty much always gonna be some form of chocolate in there. The fact that this game mode can only be tolerated so much is softened by the reality that fvk matches rarely pop, and if they do, theyre most likely fed side premades or filled with lopsided fed heavy teams>> my forte.

>> Tournaments (quasi pug)
I used to host some surprise attack tournaments, there have been a few pug centric tournaments, and most non pug centered tournaments genrally have some pug teams anyway. The last minute teams assembled with nary a chance to go the stretch, are fun to be a part of. Glad to have been able to participate in some recent and long past tournys that allowed late joining randoms to fill in/ form teams. hudos again to dkfrontiers!

>> The elusive premade
I cant speak for anyone else but the vast majority of my pvp time in game has not been part of a handcrafted team who coordinated their specs and skillsets. Usually that resulted in someone else telling me i needed to do x y z different. (stop splode urself so much, use a heal ffs) So i avoid these generally, atho the very few handful of great games i have had playing over the years with Lore, Critz, and now HOBO fleets were awesome indeed. A completely different game is to be had using teamspeak, coordination, and with even a meager familiarity with your team mates> let alone years of practice and precision timing. While great and generally longed after and sought by all, the pinnacle sto premade vs premade exhibition of skills/gear really just doesnt happen all that much. I blame myself, for not carign enough. Instead of asking people to form a premade and troll the ques/ try to find an enemy premade (difficult proposition) I end up in kerrat or 1v1. To each his own!

Thats talking about pvp from minmax bias. Whats makes u pvp! dont say lolground
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# 2
03-14-2014, 12:43 PM
I really wish GW, Pets, and FAW spam werent everywhere then I might try those 10v10. Too much lag now for big pvp outside of C&H where its more spread out.
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# 3
03-14-2014, 12:53 PM
TBH, all the whining in the Mirror Invasion zone chat is almost as entertaining as the Ker'rat zone chat. If only the NPCs mocked the players for being such noobs, well - then I'd campaign for having Mirror chat available anywhere like I did for Ker'rat chat being available...
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# 4
03-14-2014, 01:18 PM
"All involve Feds dying in fireballs"...
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# 5
03-14-2014, 01:23 PM
In a sense, I'm glad you brought up Open PvP and Ker'rat - cause it should serve as a lesson why it wouldn't work in this game and why it's so difficult in most games.
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# 6
03-14-2014, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
TBH, all the whining in the Mirror Invasion zone chat is almost as entertaining as the Ker'rat zone chat. If only the NPCs mocked the players for being such noobs, well - then I'd campaign for having Mirror chat available anywhere like I did for Ker'rat chat being available...
I still support this. Ker'rat Zone Chat has been, is now, and will always be, priceless. Ranging from the low level PvP in those lowbie zones all the way up to Ker'rat's 5, 7, and 8 (the level 50 zones), it's never a disappointment.

And the MUI chat? I couldn't play for a good 5 minutes, I was laughing so hard.
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# 7
03-14-2014, 01:53 PM

There's so much beauty in there. The Ker'rat chat should be available in every zone in the game. It can be all quiet and civil. Suddenly someone ganks an angry person, and voila: Flamewar. Personally, I love the random hateful /tells followed by a /ignore, so you never get to respond.
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# 8
03-14-2014, 02:58 PM
Ker'rat. I spend...70% of my time there, at least. The pve stuff has me pretty burned out, i haven't touched the new Mirror event, and probably wont, heck, i dont even have the desire to run the few stf's i still need to upgrade my borg set from X to XII. I would rather spend my time in ker'rat. I dont queue for pvp, likely wont ever do so having my only toon as an eng. So yeah, I dont care that i get the occasional successful vape performed on my precious pixels, its still, for me, the only place in game that is mostly enjoyable. Over all though, i dont much care anymore. Im buying into SC this weekend.
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# 9
03-14-2014, 04:36 PM
kerrat is in the bottom of my list, i got bored 90% of the times, and hardly can find a decent challenge there. I like team-oriented games, kerrat is ego-based zone with 0 to non teamwork, where 80% are vaper and 20% are feedback pulse builds, kinda stupid. I only go there for practice a bit with the vaper while i wait qeuques to popup, or for ruin mini's life with my bug ^^

The No-BS #3 and #4 were by far the best in sto pvp imo, i never had more fun that in those tournaments.

The big 10vs10 pvps are fun, i played a couple of them and really enjoy them.
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# 10
03-14-2014, 05:19 PM
Kerrat was fun, but now it's just feds farming or KDF hunting and maybe 1 or 2 kdf if any. If I go with my feds there's no one to shoot, and if I go with my KDFs I'm all alone against an instance full of feds. I miss being able to switch sides. I also wish they would raise the instance cap from 15 to 20.

I wouldn't mind an open pvp area with no objectives, just terrain and random siding with a safe zone at each spawn point. Other than that, no rules, just quick and dirty pvp

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