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03-31-2010, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by Kalidor View Post
I went about mine a bit differently. I think it looks pretty good in game with the parts I used. I debated long and hard about the facial texture, but in the end I decided that the coral looked better than smooth due to their rough and scaley appearance.
I've been playing with the KDF creator and leaning toward a Jem' Hadar with a Saowin base complexion.

Sadly my little laptop barely runs the game, so my screenshots are a tad less than thrilling, but here's best I can come up with

pic A
pic B

I may take them into photoshop and try to lighten them up a bit later but I've been switching back and forth between the neck scales, saowin and tellarite 02 complexions.

All the base stats are close to Jamie's (OP) with the exception of omitting the lower spines and extending and flattening the skull...

Those stats are:

Head size 4
Head Height 4.5
Neck Length 3
Head Width 4
Head Depth 5
Neck Bulk 4.5

Cranium slope .75
Cranium Width 3.5
Forehead slope 1.25
Forehead width 2.75
Skull height 2

I started a thread over in the academy section specifically to garner feedback about the diff between saowin vs neck scales and thought I should link back to here as well since this is the ketracel white club!!

Building a Better Jem' Hadar...

ps...the title's in reference to the Founders and not Jamie as I think he's done a great job in collecting the varied minor races of the game we have partial access to...!
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07-02-2010, 10:27 AM
Here are my 2 Jem´Hadar that i make!

The First is with the Guide from Jamie and the Second i did on my Own.

Im Intrested in your Comments about them!

Pic A

Pic B
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07-12-2011, 06:21 AM
I prefer to give mine dreads this is just my opinon just see for ur self and i prefer to jave a more grayish tone to my skin .

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