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02-06-2010, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by rufix View Post
purchased from D2D, i have to get bonus shield but i didnt get it
Originally Posted by panthro View Post
i ordered from d2d and it says my keys already been used been tryin since last night still says the same thing also it is not in my lis of stuff ive activated
Originally Posted by Mortikhan View Post
Ordered from: Direct 2 Drive

Missing: Personal Shield

Tried the activation key but says it was already used.
Originally Posted by sneakerz007 View Post
Purchased from D2D and i do not have one single item. I've already sent concerns to D2D. stating that my key has already been used, when i never even used the key. They sent me back some crap on how to instructions on activating the key properly. What a joke. My next stop is STO support. I figured i give it a couple of days to see if it would appear, but still nothing. These are the items that are missing.

Preorder Items:
Personal Shield [..]
Originally Posted by Deathmessiah View Post
After reading for about 2 hours now I got my key from d2d thin found a thread with a link to enter the key and it tells me it is already in use lol/cry! I have this far stuck up for STO but now f*** it after all this and all the down time and all the things that don't work and tickets being answered with answers that don't have any thing to do with what the problem was, STO YOU SUCK !!!!!! GET YOU SH** TOGETHER!!!!!!! I payed extra for a game that now doesn't work and I don't even get the bonus's that it said I would and whats really sad is I also bought the one year subscription!!!!!!!!!!! Now I got to go see if I can find a phone number to call to see how bad they will f*** me on the already used key issue, then I think a call to the Better Business Bureau: http://www.bbb.org/us/article/shoppi...ely-online-407
Originally Posted by icewolf250 View Post
got my key from D2D UK and activated it....game works but missing all bonus items at the moment

btw i got the digi delux
Originally Posted by Clayman View Post
I ordered from Direct2Drive. I got the Deluxe edition.

I am able to claim all my special unlocks EXCEPT my spatial shield and automated defense weapon for my ship. It says "This item cannot be purchased at this time" when I try to claim those two. My other unlocks were claimed fine!
Originally Posted by Graygon View Post
I have not received my shield pre-order bonus from Direct2Drive.com
Originally Posted by travisrd View Post
I only received 2 titles, I purchased the Deluxe Pre order from Direct2Drive, I'm missing the shield and everything else except for 2 titles.
Originally Posted by travisrd View Post
I purchased from

I did not receive..

The Personal Shield.. or the items listed below on direct2drive's site..


this is my second post and this yet to be fixed
Originally Posted by Evil_Hobo View Post
Direct 2 Drive Deluxe Edition, all deluxe items and personal shield are missing
Originally Posted by DaeRave View Post
What store did you buy your copies from?
Direct 2 Drive

Did you buy a digital download version?

Has that retailer given you the retail key?

Yes a retail key and bonus item key, neither of which do anything.

Did you experience any problems when entering your retail key?

The keys it give me are already active?
Originally Posted by dreamlarp View Post
I'm missingt my direct 2 drive items.
Originally Posted by bansama View Post
1 - Bought from Direct2Drive.co.uk
2 - Yes, the DDE version.
3 - They sent a "retail key" and a "pre-order bonus/head start" (which is also already "in use") key.
4 - Yes, the servers stopped responding while I was trying to input payment details. Then kept telling me that the key was already in use. Eventually I was able to input payment details, but have not received the pre-order bonus or DDE items (although both are listed as active in my account details).
5 - Yes.

Been checking the C-store several times a day for the last 3 days or so. Nothing is showing up in regards to these items.
Originally Posted by Saar420 View Post
I got my Key from D2D. The site says the key has already been used and is not valid? What gives?
Originally Posted by molovian View Post

Missing personal shield.
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02-06-2010, 11:29 AM
I put in my retail code from Direct2Drive and got all the items.
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02-06-2010, 08:45 PM
bump .....
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02-06-2010, 10:05 PM
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02-06-2010, 10:07 PM
I bought from direct2drive as well... The first code they give you is for the open beta and head start. About 12 hours into the launch day (Feb 2) they released the "Retail Codes" to those who pre ordered. You can obtain this code by going back to the direct2drive website, logging in, and going to my games. There should be a breakdown, including another button to download the retail keys.

You take this, enter into the ST:Online screen where you entered your pre order open beta key. Once accepted it takes a little bit for it to cycle into the game, at which point you can access most items from the C-store in game

If you have a pre joined trill, like I did, it took a buit longer to unlock. You have to make a new federation character, and when it lists the species, you will see one specifically for joined trill.

You cannot apply the joined trill to a toon you already made.

If you still are not getting your items, you need to check with direct2drive since they are the ones who promised the pre order items. If the code they give is not working correctly, talk with them and with cryptic customer support. If I remeber right, they had some issues with retail keys not giving bonuses and were helping out as much as they could.

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