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The House of Ashes
RP Setting/Scenario for all STO Characters interested.

Caitian History (as I have found it thus far, elaboration by other's research and by rp encouraged)

The Caitian Star Republic consists of two planets in the Cait system, Cait itself and the smaller planet known as Cait 4 for so long it has stuck. Caitian society has evolved considerably from what was a small Kzinti terraforming project to a fully fledged seperate species and society, ina very similar way that the Vulcans and Romulans both derived from the protovulcan ancestors.

Caitian society has a long tradition of the arts, and sciences being tantamount. A semi-strict caste system exists in which families who have shown skill at certain aspects of the arts or sciences are encouraged from a young age to those fields, this ensures that traditions endure. Some Caitians are not cut from the same cloth as they're parents however, and often find themselves adopted by other House's due to skill in other areas.

Even still there was for the last 100 years or so a disturbing trend of an underclass, those who belonged to no House, who found employment and iving arrangments harder to meet. Among this underclass is a group of Genetic Throwbacks, known as the Clawed Ones, Caitians built as they're Kzinti ancestors for war, and combat.

At the best of times these throwbacks, larger and more muscular then they're friends nad nieghbors, find it difficult to get along in the society they are born into, and often are cast out by they're families and left to fend on they're own. Only making up 1% of the population, these Caitians have been amongst the most famous and most feared names in the Galaxy.

The Ferasan subspecies splintered off from the same kziniti parent species, due to a heavy reliance on genetic engineering to preserve the strengths of the kziniti, while minimizing they're weaknesses, they have a stricter control over the species and throwbacks are rarer.

During the Caitian Diaspora lead to a wide spread of the Caitian subspecies accross much of the trade routes between what is now the Sirius and Eta Erandi sector blocks. Caitians native to systems spread throughout those sections of the galaxy are know on Cait as the Lost Children of Cait, and while not prejudiced against, are not members of the Houses.

End "history"

When a Clawed One named Reveris sought from the leaders of Cait permission to open a new house, he was initially laughed at. However the house's open door policies, and rather progressive attitudes attracted Caitians from all castes, and most of the underclass as well. With a precense of some many strong arms, nearly the entire throwback population, most societies would have become fearful of this new militant group, however there was a source of outside intervention. The Federation, a long time ally of the Caitians, has recently been drawn into a protracted war with the Klingon Empire, and the House of Ash has lent it's full endorsement to all who would serve.

Terraforming on Cait 4 hass been wildly successful with the help of Federation Technology, and the House of Ash has been wildly grateful. With over 5,000 members in Starfleet and rising, the House accounts for roughly 1/3 of the Caitians in the Fleet, including fielding a few of the Caitian designed Atrox carriers as entirely Caitian crews.

Reveris of the House of Ash, head of the house, has issued the following statement.

"To all my brethern, my Federation Family, and to my distant Ferasan cousins... Come to your new home in the House of Ash. We do not judge you by your past, or your bloodline... Only your actions in the now, create your honor here.

"Look to us, a house lead by a throwback, housing members from more species then the Federation itself and now we ask that anyone, who is in need of a new home, a new family... we are here."

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