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03-19-2014, 04:06 AM
Really nice Tutorial, thank you. Maybe something like this would've help more if Cryptic writes this stuff on start of the mission, instaid of a minute animation that only has its use the first time and after that it goes into dead time

But with soo many strategies, its hard to make ppl work as a team, as least in pugs. Some go with 2/3 teams or some will go 4 at powering the station and 1 floater and most of time will argue wich strategy is best, ofc if not following theirs making everybody noobs.

And that is speaking of elite, on normal is worst.

It takes the same time as elite or even more if the team is clueless, becouse there is no diference in number of rifts spawns, only lvl of ships. At least if closing rifts wouldnt be interupted by any phaser piss a miranda would trow at you when you are about to close a rift (much like closing hangar doors in The Breach fleet action, where you can do it even in combat mode), that would make a diference.
I remember on Cryistaline Entity events, I sometimes puged normal when lack of time or tired or something else, but on this event its totaly sux, you cant even do that anymore. I really cant see how ppl find this event easy or fun.

Its aweful
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03-19-2014, 04:24 AM
There is alot of good information flowing into this thread. I actually recently tweaked one of my sci ships into a rift runner because more often then not I find myself alone and trying to do my job in these events. the biggest problem I run into is damage to down the ships after closing a number of spawns. Polaron weapons, tykins rifts, scram sensors, and grav wells. I'm thinking I might break out the old intreped and see how she handles. In truth the whole reason I even experimented with a build made for solo rifting and damage is because there are so many who do the event that dont communicate or stay together as a team.

Edit: Just updated the Tutorial to show the various stages of rifts and power of the starbase. I will continue to update this as more information becomes available.

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03-19-2014, 01:09 PM
What is odd to me is that on my Vesta's (sci and tac captains), the runs are usually not just fine but almost easy where as on my engineers with an oddy and my Vo'quv, I always end up being slightly overwhelmed and unable to do much other than take a bit of aggro.

For the most part in PUG's, my first thing to do is get the generators running, take out a small portal along the way sometimes but if I notiice nobody else is doing it, continue to just do generators until I can find a rift I can close or help another member but it always feels like they are making it a contest on who can handle the most rather than actually do anything constructive.

I finally just assume general dependency so I avoid fights and just close rifts/generators, expecting everyone else (and generally true) to simply sit on top of the station and play my DPS is better than yours.
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03-19-2014, 01:58 PM
I had a run yesterday where a JHAS was melting even typhoons quickly. The whole team did their jobs, the JHAS was wtfpwning every single swarm he encountered (but did die to I think the dread and it's wtfpwn spike damage), and we wound up with like 4 minutes of doing nothing before the second phase because there was nothing left.

That was an anomaly though. Most of the time not only do pug teams not do what they're supposed to, they don't even communicate. They don't argue over strategy, they don't call for help, they don't offer advice, nothing. It's like their chat is hidden. Add that lack of communication to the lack of desire to work as a team and lack of desire to do anything but mash the spacebar and you wind up with a team that's only there to jack off before their daily is done.

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03-19-2014, 02:08 PM
I am uncertain but does the PUG maker match regardless of country? Maybe it is a language barrier.

I usually close 15-30 rifts during a run and I have not failed one yet (is it possible to fail?). Granted when my rift total was 15/15 as I was the only player closing them we lost the station 3 times....on the other hand I closed over 40 rifts in a few PUGs when I was using my science toon.

Best run I have gotten was 74, worst was in the 20's. Still fastest source of marks for now though. Been in a couple sessions were we cleared the map with 3 minutes before Stage 2.

I usually post "Rifts? " in team chat while we wait for game start. If I get a response, great....if not I just follow someone who does dps and hope for the best.

And yes everyone should close rifts...if you cleared the area and sciencey guy is a few seconds away, start. If spawn pops, better chances for one of you to close.

Another tip: Use your 'M' Map! It will show where rifts and your teammates are.
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03-19-2014, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by uryenserellont View Post
I don't know if that's true. I thought rifts grew over time eventually spawning typhoons, and that as the first half progressed the rifts automatically grew larger. But there might be something in this. Is it tied to the station's level and not how long a rift has been active or how far along the first half of the event is?

I should look into this further.
It seems inconsistent to me. But the fact that there are different classifications of rifts unstable, stabilized, and expanding seems to indicate to me that there are different types. I think the older the rift the larger the ship, but it's hard to determine since an old large rift will also coincide with the you powering the station up. The only way to figure it out would be to play the whole stage without activating the substations and seeing what ships come out.

Originally Posted by centaurianalpha View Post
Sadly, I have noticed that few players even bother to use the Team chat (unless they are all using TeamSpeak). I don't have a voice headset, so I just type in the Team channel, but I NEVER see anyone even attempt to set out a plan for the team. It would be a good investment in the first 10 seconds to at least propose a plan of action, instead of assuming that everyone will do their job efficiently. This occurs in most every PvE mission, ground or space, and really defeats the purpose of having a multiplayer mission.

As I progress in my reputation grind, adding passives and gear along the way, I find that I'm generally getting killed less frequently, and my marks score is going up; mostly thoough, I just started sprinting for the farthest satellite out of the gate to activate it, and start closing rifts after that. If I get interrupted from the scan, I'll kill the closest enemines and resume, then look for any teammates who are outnumbered. Still haven't tried Elite, but I'm only in free ships so far, with little or no fleet gear, so I'm not going to hose up someone else's team. Besides, 50 marks in 15 min's ain't bad at my level...
I've actually noticed that the more people talk in chat the higher the quality of the team. If people say anything at all they're usually competent.

I've had maybe two or three really good runs on elite. And since it isn't 960 dilithium I don't think it's worth the headache of being cooked through my shields. I can consistently get 45-50 marks and the 480 dilithium and the transporter on normal and I'm cool with that.
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03-20-2014, 11:53 AM
All right, I had a run today where we were real slow hitting the power transfers.

I can confirm that the progression of enemy ships is based solely on the age/size of the rift. The power level of the starbase doesn't matter, if the rift sticks around long enough it's going to start spitting out tougher enemies, Frigates, escorts, Cruisers, and Typhoons in that order.
Yes I support This

"Rise like Lions after slumber, In unvanquishable number, Shake your chains to earth like dew, Which in sleep had fallen on you-Ye are many they are few"
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# 58 Great Tutorial!
03-21-2014, 12:01 PM
Thanks for making this great tutorial on the Mirror Invasion event!

I have to confess I was one of the people who thought turning on the generators just drew in bigger and more ships so thanks for correcting me on that.

Most of the time we run the Elite version but with at least one or more Fleetmates and we're communicating via Teamspeak. Lately I've been trying to involve others via the team chat, and like most of you have gotten mixed responses.

I did find one interesting thing in my Vesta the other day. If you pop the quantum focused shield bubble you can close rifts inside it all day long while the Typhoons pound on you and the rifts will still close.

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