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02-05-2010, 08:56 PM
Hello there,

My name's Dariik, (or Dar, if you prefer) Captain of the U.S.S. Uncharted. Earlier today, a few new friends and myself formed a Fleet, called (as I'm sure you know, by reading the title of this very thread) Upper Echelon. While I believe we have the potential to do great things (and enjoy doing them), I'm always looking for the opportunity to meet new people, and add them to our ever-growing roster. Perhaps I'll start by telling you a bit about myself...

--I've used the handle "Dariik" in practically every MMO I've played, at least for any substantial period of time. Don't know why, it just sort of stuck.
--I'm a veteran of WoW (BC), WAR, SWG, and a bit of LOTRO. Been active in several guilds and led them as well.
--Live in the Eastern Time Zone (U.S.).
--Am currently playing a Tactical Officer with an Escort ship, and plan on sticking with it from what I've seen thus far.
--I'm (relatively...) mature, and expect new Fleet prospects to be the same. Note that I'm not specifying any age restrictions; we're all here to have fun and set our proverbial phasers to kill. Just don't go around Z0mg z0mging and pew-pewing and we'll be okay.

Now, more of what I'm looking for in prospective recruits:

--See the above paragraph on maturity. Can't really stress it enough. Good humor is appreciated, but disrespecting other players (or, other Fleet members in particular), breaking Fleet rules, etc will not be tolerated.
--Foul language, as I see it, is unnecessary and therefore should be left out of Fleetwide/Teamwide chats. I understand it's somewhat natural for some people, so you'll get some leniency when you first join, but try to be courteous. No one likes getting spammed with the F-bomb while their kid is watching them play.
--Like I said, I'm new to this game, and not entirely familiar with how everything works yet, but assuming from past experience that there is a way to ninja loot/hog XP/be a jerk to other players, let me lay it out plain and simple: don't do it. A good rep > a shiny piece of gear.
--Activity: Preferably able to play a couple hours a day, 3 or 4 days a week. No uber-hardcore requirements; just don't make me wonder if you've up and quit the game. It all goes back to courtesy.

Well, that turned out longer than it probably should have been, but I wanted to outline the basics. My handle in the game is exactly the same, so feel free to reply to this post or contact me if you have further questions or comments. I truly would love to hear them.

*EDIT* The Fleet website is up! Please stop by and visit us at

Thank you very much for your time, and your consideration for joining U.E. Live Long and Prosper!


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