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# 1 This place is insane
02-05-2010, 08:59 PM
I dont know why anyone should bother with these forums. Server goes down and this place gets flooded with posts on how Cryptic is the band playing on the Titanic as it went down

Then the "this place should be like wow" posts

Wow did not have the framework STO has at launch...pure and simple

Then there is the " STO is the new SWG"

I would like to point out, SWG lasted for 5 years before it fell compleatly on its face, and at its conception was one of the most complex and awsome games of its time.

In all this place has some great people, but it sure has alot of negitivaty and conflict, were it should be a place to better the game and the STO community

Sigh.......thats all I am saying....crap l8ter

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