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# 1 Fed Up
02-05-2010, 09:24 PM
fed up of Cryptic?... nope..
fed up of servers falling?... nope...

I'm fed up with people moaning and groaning about it all. Giving out about the server crashes... Fed up of these forums being filled up with negative threads.

perspective time! If you bought a car... for thousands of pounds, dollars, euro's ... and the car died every few miles, you'd bring it back to the garage... you'd be angry.. fine... fix, replacement, whichever option you go with, it'll take time.... but guess what... its just a computer game... the most someone has spent is 300 bucks (Life sub + game)... so stop getting your knickers in a twist over something so unimportant. Use the forum as intended, its not called forum.B* and perhaps try to enjoy the game.

I could go on and laugh at people who bestow upon us all their unique and superior knowledge of servers, networks and MMO's and how they know so much more about it all then Cryptic, but I'm not here to get into an argument. I just want to say. stop b*tchin guys... you're making the forums unbearable and miserable.

"That makes me a saaaad panda"

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