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I like what i have heard so far coming out, but I wanted to make a few suggestions or rather ask for some additions...

First off, I personally, and a few guys in my guild, would really like a store on ESD, First City, and New Romulus that contains all of the replicator stuff for reputations. Industrial energy cells, Self sealing stem bolts, ect. I know lots of players that play Klingon that don't know anywhere at all to get the these items except through replicator. It would make it cheaper to do the reputations and save money for some of us that aren't hardcore EC grinders.

Second, I would like a way to generate EC such as a mission or something that's purpose is to give you EC as a reward. Could be a daily or something like that. Maybe even tied to the fleet or Rep systems.

Third, I really liked the new Mirror event and the way they give Marks of any kind, but I kinda want the old one. Not so much for content, but so that I can grind up expertise. I find that expertise is rather difficult to maintain in large quantity if you plan on donating to projects. So Something like that would be nice or just bring it back. I really liked the hourly change to get new things. Kept me playing some days. I was sad to see it removed.

My only other thing I would add would be for the new ESD. I would really like to see the club turn into a hang out. This is a stretch, but something akin to the SWG cantina scene. Where if you hung out long enough. One could get buffs and what not. I know this is a big stretch and it will probably not happen, but I think it would add a nice level of social gaming to ESD and not just Utility and Chat channel.

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