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02-05-2010, 10:30 PM
Great game would be nice to play it for F**K SAKE! really get your crap together this game shouldn't even have been released yet you easy had at least 6 more months to go before a release now your losing customers haha no Klingon content on release but that wont matter much cuz you cant keep the servers up long enough to play the game anyway ( CHEERS CRYPTIC TEAM ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR A JOB WELL DONE )
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02-05-2010, 10:32 PM
its funny. During open beta the fanbois were flaming anyone who complained. There were plenty. Usual banter of excuses from its beta, to its head start, to their working solutions. Give them time.

Where are the devs and the company reps? out cashing checks from those ()*$#&@ idiots that bought the lifetime or annual subscriptions based on concept alone (its a great concept). Cryptic (no put intended) has lived up to its name. SOrry if your one of those- its a bad idea from an unproven company.

Did you hear that noise? That KABOOM was STO cracking the top five of worst MMO launches ever. Moving swiftly towards that lofty number 1 position.

Peace out fellas. I have game time to tend too. Its somewhere else.
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02-05-2010, 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by jardail
Don't worry the fanbois and Cryptic worshippers will be along momentarily to tell you that everything is fine, this is just like any other MMO, that nobody ever plans for this kind of Monumental membership.

Well fanbois and cryptic oral stimulators alike, the only thing monumental about this game is their monumental incompetance. Soon to be shortly followed by their monumental arrogance when they start shutting the forums down because they can't get their cranium out of their rectal area.
Finally a post worth reading.. AAAA++++ WIll read again.

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