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02-05-2010, 10:34 PM
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
Seriously. At least then some people will be able to play. As it is too many people connect and then the server crashes. It's better that some people be able to play than none due to the server not being able to handle it
NO ONE WANT A STUPID ASS QUEUE. We want New Cluster sever's. This 1 Cluster Server is Bull Sh?T and one that think's 1 server for 1 Mill ppl is a Smart Idea Don't need anywhere near a MMO with a IP like ST I've Been *****in about there lack of Faith in the ablity to make a MMO that they bought 3 server's and Decide on a Cluster set up so no one know's how cheap they are. Cluster Server's might be alright for one of this Stupid As? MMO's they made before with maybe 80 Thousand strong but isn't going to work STO.U Can't tell me that 15.00 a month for even 6 month for 1 + Mill Plus all there sell's and Gold Farmer sell they can't afford some Dam Server's.

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