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I've been reading between the lines of a lot of dev posts regarding full ship interiors, and I think I understand Cryptic's overall position on this. However, it's never been clearly stated, which is why I'm going to put out my interpretation of this position in hopes that it will be confirmed or denied.

As I understand it, Cryptic has determined full, custom ship interiors to be prohibitively expensive in terms of development time, and they don't produce significant revenue in return.

This means there are no plans to:
  • Create new ship interiors;
  • Update existing ship interiors; or
  • Produce additional interior-centric content, such as wall and floor trophies

Instead, emphasis is being placed on developing unique bridges for many ships, without a larger interior attached.

Is this basically correct? I'm not trying to be judgmental or anything - I just want a final* answer.

*Yes, I understand even a "final" answer could be subject to change in the wild world of game development.
You're right. The work here is very important.

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...talking to players is like being a mall Santa. Everyone immediately wants to tell you all of the things they want, and you are absolutely powerless to deliver 99% of them.

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