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I accept unexpected downtime now and again. It's just part of playing MMO's. What is rather unacceptable is that we can't be given a tentative ETA regarding when the server might become available for our use again.

Please, I'd really like to know whether I should just go to bed or not. I may as well not pay money and go play SWG Emu if I am not opposed to regular unexpected downtime with no idea whatsoever on when the server might be up again.

Please understand Cryptic, MMO users are incredibly impatient for the most part I've noticed over the last few years. I'd have to say that instability at launch coupled with bugs is the downfall of almost every MMO and usually results in their doom or loss of at least half the initial subscribers. At least if you could provide us with ETA's people wouldn't feel so lost in the dark and mitigate some of the frustration.

Zarvo Out.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-06-2010, 01:10 AM
ummm they have been bringing the server up as fast as they can today its not been to long and its been back up ... they even put in two patchs to try and fix things .... With notes on them well except the last one dont think they noted it lol ..

And they have already posted they were going to bring them down and keep them down for a major fix up this morning ...for a few hours ...

Cant ask for much better then them getting them back up right after crash ya know ...think the longest has been maybe 45 mins lol ..

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