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# 1 Suggestions to Buy?
03-21-2014, 12:24 PM
I have an Orion Sci, Gorn Tac, and a Reman Eng who's KDF aligned. Only the Sci is level 50. The Tac is level 30 and the Eng is 26.

I'm tempted to buy Warbirds, but that leaves out my KDF characters. I think it's time I started giving my KDF more ship love, and I want universal consoles that all three can make use of. But I really want to stick to Klingon designs.

I already have access to the B'Rotlh [Enhanced Induction Coils], the Phalanx [Barrier Field], and the SuQob [BioNeural Warhead]

What C-Store KDF ships would you recommend, and why?
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# 2
03-21-2014, 12:46 PM
I have all of the Klingon design ships unlocked and I used them in the past but not anymore. fleet ships all the way now. only advantages to some of the zen version anymore is the cost reduction via fleet modules and they are account wide ship unlocks. and the zen consoles I don't even use them much anymore these days .

so all I can say is if one looks good to you for your style of play get it if you want it.

but that's just how I feel about it. probably plenty of fanboys to one thing or another that will say this or that. But your a PvE player primarily so it really don't matter much. get what you like.
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# 3
03-21-2014, 01:01 PM
you eventually want the destroyer that gives a plasma leech console. I think its a 1k zen buy.

All aound ship for sci and tac?

B'rel retrofit would support an escort-style sci ship or a tactical ship. Flexible officers and balanced consoles, battle cloak, its a fine ship. 9 consoles make it weakish, though, and it is a delicate ship that should probably not be used to tank. You will die sometimes as a BOP pilot against elites, they are very susceptible to wtxBBQpwn crits from bosses etc.

the karfi carrier has strong firepower and strong science, with pets. Both characters could use it, but do you like slower carrier type ships? Its a little soft for a carrier, but its enough to stay alive if you play smart.

Do you have the veteren PQ destroyer? It can be a solid tactical ship and can slot a ltcmdr sci (its universal) for a damage oriented science captain.

A couple of the big cruisers have "enough" science (ltcmdr or better) and solid tac (enough to slot FAW at the least) --- the bortqwhatever family have a universal officer and could do well for you in a slow, rugged ship. I like the karfi better but these would be more durable.

Surely something in there would do... ?
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# 4
03-21-2014, 01:06 PM
Vandal Destroyer for the Plasmonic Leech is top of the list, probably the best single console in the game. Its great not just for the drain but also the boost; 6 points of Flow Caps (for all of 6000 skill points) means +14.4 to each subsystem when in combat, from just one console.

Draguas Support Vessel might be my second choice, for the Aceton Assimilator. The drain is nice and the radiation pulse can be really handy in certain missions where the NPCs do lots of AOE energy attacks and rip themselves up (its murder against Elachi and in No Win). Plus unlike most console toys, the cooldown is only a minute and you can have two out at a time, so its a lot easier to work into your regular strategy than the stuff thats one shot per 3 minutes.

Those are my top two anyways. The Vor'kang's Isometric Charge and the Puy'jaw's Graviton Pulse Generator can be pretty situationaly handy as well, but they're more for spiking the heck out of single or small groups or targets every few minutes, rather than the large numbers you generally find in PVE.
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# 5
03-21-2014, 01:41 PM

You dont specify which role with anyone of your characters... if you need a bundle... KDF ONLY HAVE 1 ... the Bortasqu bundle

If each character play his role, i recommend:
- sci -- Varanus support
- ing - Neghvar
- tact- B'rel

If don't interesting his role, and you will go for support-dps:
- Guramba, Karfi or Mogh

If you only go for fun maybe you interest:
- VoQuv, Marauder FDC

Remember, some ships of low level have good consoles
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# 6
03-21-2014, 02:07 PM
I'll join the crowd and say: Plasmonic Leech console from the Vandal Destroyer.

Every KDF character I have specs Flow Caps - Cheap spec (T1) - to double the effect of the Plasmonic Leech. It's the single console I'll always make space for, unless it's a vaper or torp build.

If you do PvE, and can spare the console slot, Aceton Assimilator is a good 'point defense system' against mob-launched destructable torpedo's. It's ready every 45 seconds. You can drop it right under a cube in CSE and, while it's alive, not worry about those sometimes nasty plasma torpedo's.

Isometric Charge can be quite the killer, when the forth charge hits. It's damage takes particle generators in consideration, so spec that, if you can. It's useful in PvP, but less-so in PvE. Of course, you can always fire it and then switch it out for another console.

Theta Vents used to be quite overpowering in PvP - it stacked multiple times, killing shields and movement quite effectively - but now, not so much. Consider it a 3 minute cooldown 'Eject Warp Plasma', without it decloaking enemy ships. Can be handy in a pinch. One of those 'fire and slot something else' consoles.


Onto ships!

I'm a sucker for the B'rel. I love that thing so much, I made two chars to fly it. It's weak(er than most), but I consider it one of the best designs in Star Trek, and aesthetic pleasure counts for something. Also, because of the uni slots, just about every char can fly it. Maybe, the Eng less-so, but yeah. Be sure to get the account unlock, for the Fleet version discount.

The Mogh: You can't go wrong with the Mogh. It works fine as a beam and as a DHC Battle Cruiser. More Tac and Eng than sci friendly, but who needs much sci in PvE?

Kar'fi: Tac, Eng and Sci friendly. Consider it a slow Battle Cruiser with pets. A well-built one will wreck PvE easily. Account unlock for the Fleet Version.
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# 7
03-21-2014, 04:16 PM
I love the B'rel. It's great for Sci and Tac. I think it's the best Sci ship ever, especially with the T'varo for KDF Rom.

I'm a Sci captain, and I slot a Science BOFF in the Commander slot, and I still grab aggro on the Tac Cube? LOL.

As much as they've tried to weaken torpedos (now I'm 100% Transphasic, damn them), and as much as other (Romulan) ships outclass the B'rel, there is no better ship in the game for me. The B'rel Retrofit is the ultimate ship in the game. Not even the T'varo beats it for me because it is so flexible.

It also turns much faster than the T'varo. The T'varo feels slower on the turn, although somehow faster in a straight line than my B'rel. Never paid attention to the numbers, though.

Now, I really like the T'varo. With Rom Op traits, it crits like crazy (haha Breen Cluster crit for way over 100K damage) & recloaks fast if I get knocked out of cloak... but if I want anything else except DPS, the B'rel is the best.
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# 8
03-21-2014, 04:16 PM
Vandal Destroyer for the leech as others have stated. The Mogh is a great ship great for any class, not a lot of science though so if you want to traditional science build you're kind of stuck as the KDF has always been sorely lacking with decent science. The top line Gorn science ship is really just a clone of the free DSSV that the Federation get at hitting Rear Admiral.

There is always that horrible Dyson ship, but it's as ugly as hell and feels about as Klingon as a Galaxy class.

But yes the Mogh is good for a tactical but it's console is pretty much rubbish. Not bad for some fun in Mirror or some other PvE queue but doesn't do much in the way of damage. Terran Miranda's have survived it. But the ship is the complete opposite. It's an awesome ship for engineering and tactical.
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# 9
03-21-2014, 06:41 PM
The Plasmonic Leech from the Vandal Destroyer is a very nice compensator for the lower power level of Romulan Warbirds, and helps enhance Klingon and other A-M vessels quite a bit too. I bought it originally for for my Romulan, but took to using it on all my KDF ships as well (and plunking down the now cheap prices of 5-8 Mil EC each for my Fed chars too). I'm going to respec one of my Tacs for Flow Caps to take advantage of it better. The only single console that'd I'd rate as highly is the Romulan Warbird-only console from the Valdore (T3 Mogai refit) that has a proc on energy weapon fire to give a shield heal of two times that hit, with no proc limit or cooldown.

For the Isometric Charge, Theta Radiation Vents and Graviton Pulse Generator, they're situational, and I'd recommend buying the cross-faction packs(fairly cheap for those on the Exchange, last I checked) on a Fed to give them a whirl before plunking down the Zen to get them KDF side.
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# 10
03-25-2014, 11:49 AM
Thanks for all of the advice! I guess we'll see what happens when the next sale comes around... or I get impatient.

I really didn't want to consider a non-Klingon ship, but I can't really ignore strong arguments in favor of the Plasmonic Leech. Might not be a must-have, but very useful compared to other consoles.

So given that, what else would you fly as a second choice?
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