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I've been trying to find out how to set a rally point with a keybind, but guessing at random takes a long time (Tried these so far)

/GenButtonClick PetCommands_SetRallyPoint
/PetCommands_SetAllPetsState SetRallyPoint
/PetCommands_SetAllPetsAction SetRallyPoint
/Pet_power_exec SetRallypoint
/PetCommands_SetAllPetsState SetRallyPoint

(You can replace "Rally" with "Way", remove "Point", remove "Set", and numerous other variations of the above...I've tried them all, and none of them work.)

In order to set a keybind not in the normal list, you need to know the slash command, and So far here's all I know about slash commands in STO:

Modified and interpolated from:

+ : added to the front of any slash command, makes it so it is executed so long as the key is held down.
++ : command will continue to execute until it is turned off by using it from a bind with a "+" or no modifier.

Slash commands (Obvious ones first):
/Forward /Back /Left /Right /TurnLeft /TurnRight /AutoForward /Up /Walk /Run /Roll
/Aim /Follow /SetFollow /HolsterToggle /TimeControl_Toggle /CamRest /CamCycleDist
/CamMouseLook /CamRotate /CamRotate

Then the more complex ones:

/AdjustCamDistance N : Zooms camera in (by negative numbers) or out (Positive numbers)
/InteractWindow : This is what is run when you normally hit “F”
/ContextAction N : executes the Nth action in a context menu
/ExecuteAction N : Executes the Nth action in your "P" action list (I think, I'll need to double check the actual behavior)
/Target_Enemy_<OPTION> : Targets enemies based on what option you use (Next, Prev, Exposed, Near)
/Target_Friend_<OPTION> : Same as Target_Enemy_<OPTION> with the exception of the Exposed option.
/TargetCursor – Targets whatever your cursor is over.
/CursorPopupMenu : Equivalent of a right-click
/InteractCursor : As if you had doubleclicked on whatever your cursor is over.
/Target_Clear : (No Prizes) Clears your target.
/BringUpMenu : Brings up the game menu
/TargetTeammate N : Targets teammate defined by integer N
/PetCommands_SetAllPetsState STATE : Sets your pets STATE toggle.
PetCommands_SetAllPetsStance STANCE : Set your pets' stance
/PetCommands_ClearTarget : clears targets for your pets
/Power_Exec NAME : Uses an ability or button by it's game-defined name. (NONFUNCTIONAL)
/GenSendMessage REFERENCE COMMAND : Sends the COMMAND to the REFERENCE subsystem of the game engine
/TrayExecByTray T S : Executes whatever is on tray slot S <1-0 (for 10)> of tray <Visual tray, not the actual trays 1-10> number T (0-2)
/UseTraySlotT S : Same as TrayExecuteByTray, but shorter. Note that the tray number is part of the command.
/GenButtonClick BUTTONID -- Clicks on the specified button ID.

PowerLevel_Preset_N : Sets your ship's power setting by it's number the power preset panel. (0 = Weapons preset, 1 = Shield preset, 2 = Engines preset, 3 = Balanced preset)

Known STATES: (For pet commands)
SetMyTarget – The option to concentrate fire on your target

Passive - Passive state
Aggressive - Attack at will

TicketWindow_Root : Deals with the ticket window, responds to COMMAND “TicketWindow_Show”
Inventory_Root : Responds to COMMANDs dealing with the player's gear, like “SwitchActiveWeapon”
Root : The system that responds to COMMANDs dealing with the interface, like “ShowInventory” “ShowShipCrewAssignments” “ShowPowers” “ShowStatus” “ShowPeople” “ShowMissions” “ShowcaptainLog” “ShowMap” “ShowRemoteContacts” “ShowTrayPowers”

Two slash commands with an OR between them will do whichever one is possible, trying the first one first, for example:

/ClearTargetORBringUpMenu -- will clear your target...if you already have no target, it will bring up the menu, while

/Target_Enemy_ExposedORTarget_Enemy_Near -- Should target an exposed enemy if there is one, or the closest enemy if there isn't.

(Edits: Fixing them as I find things that don't work and new information)
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02-06-2010, 10:16 AM
Some of the slash commands above don't seem to work in practice...

for example if I try the ones listed in the referenced post, like

/TrayExecByTray 0 1

Which, according to the original poster of that thread, should use the first thing on tray slot 1, I get an error that /TrayExecByTray requires 3 arguments, not just 2.

So the keypress itself is an argument? I guess? which is why it's not listed in his earlier post? but it still doesn't work if I bind it to a key.
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02-07-2010, 07:21 AM
Apparently the information in the above linked post is mostly inaccurate. a lot of those don't work as advertised, or at least need a more thorough explaination of how they work.

Does anyone have a link to a STO-Wiki page somewhere that has a list of the button IDs in the interface? that would seem to be the best way to find out how to make actual functional keybinds, and there is no current way ingame to find out the button ID of a particular command.

We only know Powerlevel_Preset_N and SetMyTarget because someone posted them, not because we have a list somewhere where we can look it up...

I would really REALLY like to know what the rallypoint petcommand name is
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02-07-2010, 04:02 PM

I found another thread where Dan_Upright had success with a few of the commands and general advice on "Pet" use on away teams, but it appears the thread is now locked for some reason: Guide to away team control; see also Controlling your away team.

PetCommands_SetAllPetsStance 0 aggressive
This works the same as the button for "Crew will perform all actions normally." You can substitute a "-" or a "+" for the zero before "aggressive" and it will work the same, but no other number will work. I don't know what the number is supposed to be there for, but it is required.

According to Dan_Upright's work, this command will get your team to come to your aid when you have been knocked unconscious. I have not tested it.

This command works the same as pressing the button at the top of the away team control panel for "Based off your current target." In my experience the command "PetCommands_SetAllPetsState SetMyTarget" does not work, nor does the "y" key default binding for "Crew Attack My Target".

PetCommands_SetAllToFollowOwner and PetCommands_SetAllToHoldPosition
These commands work to an extent. You must first set a rally point manually for the pets, then you can use these commands to send them to the rally point or follow you. However, I notice that they appear to follow you in single file as opposed to fanning out as they do normally, and I am not sure whether they may be less effective using this formation.

I did not find any other commands in the PetCommands list that worked.
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02-07-2010, 04:06 PM
Looks like someone is working on a "how to get banned from sto guide" keep up the good work
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02-07-2010, 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by Kassidus View Post
Looks like someone is working on a "how to get banned from sto guide" keep up the good work
Banned for what? Slash commands?
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02-07-2010, 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by GlobalTaxi View Post
Banned for what? Slash commands?
All i see is someone attempting to key bind/ macro automate the game.
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02-07-2010, 04:16 PM
Is there a known bug for not being able to rebind numpad keys? I tried for 20 min today
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02-07-2010, 04:22 PM
Not to be a forum cop or anything but.

(From the launcher)

"Disabled functionality of certain hidden, unsupported commands (like respecpowertrees) that could irreparably break characters. Note to users - Don't run hidden commands that you find in binary searches OR ON THE FORUMS."

Just sayin..
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02-07-2010, 04:27 PM
I'm only asking because "/" commands aren't unusual in MMOs and absolutely not unusual to Cryptic MMOs. That being said, any /coms Cryptic finds that they feel aren't within the spirit of the game, they squash or block it. /powerhue being one of them.

When dealing with pets, /coms can come in very handy for directing in hectic situations. Anyone familliar with a Mastermind from City of Villains (also developed by Cryptic), will have some idea of what I mean.

I don't agree with people who abuse the system by making fully automated gold/credit/energy farming macros but I still thing /coms are a good thing.
just my opinion.
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