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# 1 Sound Issues
02-06-2010, 10:18 AM
There seems to be no appropriate place for this in the forum list so I will post some sound issues here.

1) INCONSISTANT AUDIO LEVELS: The audio is inconsistant throughout the game. Some maps are louder some softer.

2) BRIAR PATCH/CRACKED PLANET PVP MAPS: The ambiant background noise is way overpowered. Depending on where you are on the map it will drowned out everything. In other parts you cant even hear it. I have had to turn down my system volume when playing these because its so onnoxious. Its like having your stereo tuned to white noise and turning it up full blast.

3) SEVERE AUDIO POPS ON STATIONS: I get severe "pops" on stations. I gave Cryptic the benefit of the doubt here and thought it was 50/50 being an issue with my system. Then after release I have watched many YOUTUBE videos and I hear the SAME pops on their recorded audio so it is in the game.

4) NO WATER EFFECTS: Maybe I am missing it but I never here water sounds when in the water

5) SPACE ZOOM: This may be subjective but zooming in space reduces audio far too much. At what is my normal viewing distance, the pew pew is very muffled. I have to be literally on top of my ship before audio sounds like i expect it to. But then I cant see anything! The zoom distance/audio reduction needs tweaking. Its like they have it set to ground distance and not space.

6) MUSIC: I have had music turned off since OB so I dont know if this is still an issue but music used to be very loud and drowned out many effects. Using the slider didnt help. There was no reduction in the volume level until I got the slider down to 30%.

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