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I had two bugs come up yesterday, put in tickets but I thought I'd check out the forums and see if anyone else was having these problems.

First, I cannot put the DS9 uniforms from the CE on any of my crew members. It goes on my Captain fine, but when I try to select it on my crew, it just reverts back to whatever I had previously chosen. I can't recall a restriction on it that only your Captain could equip it. Maybe I'm wrong, and while I'll be disappointed, it isn't the end of the world.

Second, more annoyingly, I've had my only Lt. BOff's powers bug out. I've only just hit LC (of course STO drops in what has been a crazy busy week for me), and I promoted one of my science officers to fill the Lt. bridge slot on my SV. Well, Thursday night my power setup was this:

Lt. Sci Officer: Tachyon Beam I, Tractor Beam II
Ensign Sci Officer: Scramble Sensors I

All seems normal, right? When I logged on Friday, it was:
Lt. Sci Officer: Tachyon Beam I, Scramble Sensors I in the Lt. slot, Tractor Beam II grayed out in the Lt. Comm slot
Ensign Sci Officer: Scramble Sensors I

(I can't remember if "Scramble Sensors" is the correct name, but it's the ability where the enemy cannot target you for the duration.)

Also, there is a third row that appeared on my Lt.'s skills page, just one ability SS I appearing below TB I. I also mysteriously had the same number of BOff points spent in SS I on my Lt. as my Ensign, 3/9. I don't think, however, it was deducted from my pool of available points, so that's good. So, basically, I'm getting a duplicate Ensign ability and losing access to a Lt. ability.

Anyone else have similar issues?

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