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03-26-2014, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
The ongoing argument regarding D'deridex and Ha'apax not receiving any Cruiser Commands is that they are not Cruisers, but Warbirds, so they get Singularity Powers instead.

As such I demand other Romulan ships to be brought in line as well. Ha'Nom is a Warbird, so it should not have access to neither Sensor Analysis, nor Subsystem Targeting. Same goes for Dyson Science Destroyer - either make it a Warbird without science powers, or a science ship without Singularity Powers.

Dyson Science Destroyer also shouldn't be able to close the Rifts in Mirror Invasion Event quicker, since D'deridex doesn't repair the Power Relays faster.

Agreed. If the D'deridex and ha'apax are not cruisers, then it makes zero sense that the ha'nom have those science abilities and even less sense that the dyson romulan destroyer gets the best of both worlds. Gotta love the slippery slope we keep falling down....

Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
How about we slap a hangar on it and call it a reboot!?
You're probably one of the dudes flying around in an aux to bat scimitar laughing at all of the slow d'deridexes without even 1 hangar slot. You scared that the d'deridex might dethrone your god ship?

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03-26-2014, 07:13 PM
I must disagree and agree at the same time.
FED/KDF did get comm arrays, sec. defector and flanking soon, but we can stack little more crit then they can. It a trade off and i think everybody should be happy (There will always be whiners on both sides who will want everything).
Please whiners dont make this another who has more power threat.

Now, what i have problem is: mirror event, if i am on my sci or eng romulan ship, game doesnt consider me as sci/eng ship and doesnt gives me extra abilities on MI. I had a feeling that it was starship vs. warbird, not escort/science/cruiser/warbird, but the game has other ideas. And there will be more content with ship specific assignment, and cryptic will forget about warbids by not giving them something to do. It feels like "you are not invited to the party at all".
Other thing is, last week i bought hirogen hunter, and on the console clearly says - can be used on any escort, raider. But again i cant use this console on any of my romulan escorts, that really sucks. If you are going to exclude warbids out of this, then find the way to give us something at least by tweaking the console just like warp/sing cores

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03-26-2014, 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
You're probably one of the dudes flying around in an aux to bat scimitar laughing at all of the slow d'deridexes without even 1 hangar slot. You scared that the d'deridex might dethrone your god ship?
*hint hint*

And actually I'm one of those few people who spend two weeks turning their D'deridex 180 degree. And it's not even an a2b d'deridex.

Originally Posted by ridddickxxx View Post
Now, what i have problem is: mirror event, if i am on my sci or eng romulan ship, game doesnt consider me as sci/eng ship and doesnt gives me extra abilities on MI.
It does when you fly the uber Dyson Science err... Destroyer... Warbird... uhh... yeah, you're starting to see my point here?

Not only does my D'deri turn like a cow, but it doesn't even feature any class-specific bonuses. It's true that Rommies are laughably OP at the moment, but when it comes to some standards within a particular ship class I honestly think the D'deridex and the Ha'apax are like the Galaxy of Warbirds.

Still, that doesn't change the fact I find it funny how people still object the idea of these ships receiving Comm Array powers, yet don't mind science powers on Ha'Nom and Dyson uglies.

But I think we all should know by now that Cryptic only cares about ship stats when they need to boost the sales.

Hmm... perhaps I should have created a "What's your beef with the D'deridex Cryptic" thread instead? Maybe then it would have actually get a hangar in two years, or something.

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03-26-2014, 07:49 PM
I agree with you, warbirds have enough going for them and they shouldnt have sci powers too. I believe this same point was made when the Dyson Science Destroyers were released, that the rom ship is ridiculously OP compared to the other factions.

I was just telling my fleetiies, the Rom DSD is the best ship for the new Mirror event, since you can run it in tactical mode without any penalty, and you get the buff to closing rifts too. Nothing else really compares to it (well maybe a Vesta would but I dont have one).
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03-26-2014, 11:09 PM
not another X is OP, plz nerf thread.....

How the ship performs in PVE is like complaining that Weapons in skyrim can be made to be too powerful. having a good ship in pve means NOTHING.

Do i have a romulan dyson? YES, in fact it is my favorite ship however, it having SA and SST doesnt make it all uber. I die once in a while in mirror event and i still cant close rifts if something is shooting at me, i still have to clear the area before i close anything. And OMG i close them a second or too faster than others. SO WHAT. I could see if this ship was super uber in pvp and was pwning the hell out of vets but it doesnt even do that. To kill or even TRY to vape anyone you have to be in tac mode so there goes SA and SST. at that point it is just an escort with great shields and a crappy hull. if you stay is sci mode, sure, you have SA, SST and sing powers....

SA even after the improvement wont be game breaking when combined with sing powers, which really only help you escape btw, and SST is cleared by ET. and btw, usually SST drains, not disables SS..... what worst, if you are trying to get the most out of your dyson, you are using cannons, which means you might not even be able to use SST because it is beam only.... if you ARE using beams, you arent getting good dsp out of the proton cannon.....

Speaking of the proton cannon....

you can really buff it without gimping all the other weapons, you are forced to use it proton cannon, and you automatically have two energy types to deal with.

NO protonic polaron isnt OP, its just ok.

i have tested and used this ship since release. I have tested AP, plasma, rom/plasma, Protonic polaron, and disruptor. i have one the highest burst damage dealing Advanced dysons out there and even then, it isnt good enough in pvp to be called OP. Even with everything it has. In pve, it is simply a good ship, not OP, but in pve, that isnt saying much AT ALL.

FYI, the vesta is STILL a better science ship.....

Please lower your salt levels and calm down. Romulans have two....TWO faction sci ships. Neither is OP, and you want to nerf them both because your crapy giant green space taco turns like a sleepy hut and cant bring the power things online a bit faster.....

-_- really -_-

sure the romulan dyson is the better of the three. I admit that, but fed got the vesta and ALL the other sci ships and if we are going to talk op, let talk about ALL the fed space bar beating A2B biulds out there......

looking at you avenger......

The avenger is by far a deadlier ship compared to the Rom Dyson, even without using A2B!

so is the fleet defiant.
so is the fleet MVAM.
so is the complete escort line up for that matter.
so is every fed ship you can A2B on.

i didnt forget about you KDF.

so is the mogh
so are the BOP's, with their lacking tac consoles. (dont believe this one? get a dyson, fight HOBO in it. I HAVE.)
so is this entire raptor line up.
so is every kdf ship with elite fleet disruptors....
so is every KDF ship that can run A2B.


and thats just PVP....

you want broken pve ship?

A2B, 50k DPS scimitar.

shall i continue?

there are far more things in game worst/more broke than the rom dyson.

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03-27-2014, 04:57 AM
Interesting thread.
Fun fact: a while ago (before the DSDs were announced) I proposed the Chancellor class as a Klingon science ship.
The resulting ship was essentially a Ha'nom with a regular cloak instead of a battlecloak.
People flamed me for it because it was overpowered.
When I pointed out the stats were the same as the Ha'nom (shields, hull, turnrate) they responded by saying "yeah but the Ha'nom is a Romulan ship, they're meant to be that way!"
So it seems there's something fundamentaly wrong going on here.
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# 17
03-27-2014, 06:21 AM
The D'deridex and Haakona deserve 2 or 3 cruiser commands in my opinion. Romulans are rather light on both cruisers and science vessels, and the singularity powers benefit the escort warbirds more anyway.
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# 18
03-27-2014, 08:44 AM
This thread is OP, plz nerf.
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# 19
03-27-2014, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by royalsovereign View Post
This thread is OP, plz nerf.
And after nerfing it, plz nerf it some more.
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If you have come to the forums, to complain about the AFK penalty, than it is WAI.
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# 20 There is a balance.
03-27-2014, 08:48 AM
Romulan ships may have singularity, but that comes with a total of 40 from sombystems have been lost. For the battle cloak, its still detectable and cant be activated while in a tractor beam.
As for science and cruiser based vessals, their turn arc is as big as a large moon. Romulans might be able to equip cannons, but their turn rate is so bad its not worth it unless its on a tactical based ship.

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