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Put the Doomsday Device (hence forth known as DD) in the middle of the map and have it start KOS to both sides. Put mechanical devices in a 360deg circle around the outter part of the map (not the actual edge of the map, just somewhere reasonably far out) and have the side that controls the most mechanical points gain the DD as its ally.

The DD should be at least twice as big as it is in the PVE mission (heck it should be bigger in the PvE mission too) and it should be a bit faster. Its damage should be toned down a bit as well for PvP. The "nodes" that each side tries to control should work like in resource matches and after a set time a node should return to neutral status.

There should be a minimum number of nodes needed to gain the DD as an ally. Until that is reached the DD is KOS to all and if to many nodes drop back to neutral on both sides it should again return to being KOS to all. If 1 side lets their nodes drop but the other doesn't then the other side would then become the DD's ally.

You'd never know just how long you had till the DD turned on you....

To give the side that doesn't have the DD another attack option other then trying to get nodes the DD in the PvP map should be vulnerable to Torp style wep's in its mouth after its fired. If enough damage is done the DD should "go to sleep" for a short time and the nodes could even all be reset to neutral so when it wakes up it's.... angery... at everyone....
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-06-2010, 11:14 AM
Nobody? or did it fall off page 1 to fast?

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