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Greetings to all fellow Star Trek Online players:

Are you looking for a fleet and just can't quite find the right fit?
Are you over 18 years or older and looking for a mature group of players?
Do you want to play with people you can call friend and not have the pressure of any mandatory in-game events?
Are you an active player and looking to find a group with which to run the top-level missions?
Are you a new player and want help learning the game and assistance in moving forward?

Covenant of the Phoenix is a gaming community of mature players that aren't just fleet, guild, or squad mates, but like-minded individuals that become friends. MMORPGs are best played and enjoyed when playing as a team. Who better to play with as a team than a friend? We offer an inviting environment for both casual and very active players alike.

We are an active fleet and are recruiting new members! We do not have a level requirement and accept players of all ranks. We have interests in both PvE and PvP. We actively run STFs and Fleet missions cooperatively.

Our members have a wide array of interests in game.
- Do you enjoy building and exploration?
- Lust for greater challenges or PvP battles?
- Working on getting that last piece of XII Reputatoin gear?
- Looking for company while doing your dailies and mission replays?

We have fleet members that enjoy all those things - and more! It's hard to say a fleet is one size fits all, but our interests are both diverse and shared. You can play as much or as little as you like. We have some that can only play a few hours a week while others play daily.

Covenant of the Phoenix is more than just a fleet - we are a community. With active, larger chapters in many of today’s popular games, and we are ahead of the curve in forming new chapters for up-coming games still in beta testing also.

We are mostly active in the USA evening TZ.
Contact us in-game, check out our website: www.cotp.info, and join us on VOIP server.

Covenant of the Phoenix Staff contacts:
@levistus666 (Fleet Admiral)
@baqar72 (Fleet CO)
@kevinsilveira (Fleet Officer)
Covenant of the Phoenix FED / KDF
Vice Admiral @levistus666

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Join Date: Feb 2014
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# 2 Next Starbase Tier Reached!
04-05-2014, 08:48 AM
Happy Saturday!

Congratulations to our top 10 leader-board contributors, this last week's push to reach the next SB tier was finished sooner than expected! Way to Go!

We are also happy to welcome aboard the following new members this week:

Pithosh, K'Tar, Greybush, Kolko, Natessa, Bors, BoomBang, Tel'Mah - Welcome to you all!

The Covenant of the Phoenix also completed its guild-wide Founder's Week Celebration, involving 100s of members from every gaming chapter, with contests, awards, and more. We celebrated 9 years in operations, and this is he 5th year we have held the Founder's Celebration.

A Special thanks to Ztuke, for his coordination of the even this year.

Covenant of the Phoenix FED / KDF
Vice Admiral @levistus666


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