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So your numbers keeps going up sometimes, or not going down fast enough.

A few things to consider when a game is usually made on a budget and/or with a queue system they will often prioritize someone who recently got disconnected (within seconds or minutes, time is usually set at the discretion of the company).

Suffice to say, someone who waited long into the Queue and gets disconnected does not lose his place, so it is quite possible to see your numbers rise up a little bit.

As for the typical "we have too many players excuse", that one can be true for weeks to follow.

It is not in the best interest for Cryptic Studios to buy more servers unless they reach a cap. And every time they do reach a cap, it's in their best interest to buy just enough servers so that it doesn't happen again with the last CURRENT subscribers attempt. That prevents their budget of exceeding too much and allows them to plan for more content down the road with a better planned pocket.

Of course they could decide to triple the server count, but down the road, this will just cost Cryptic Studios a fortune in maintenance and it is all of us Veteran players in a year or 2 that will suffer from lack of content.

So, please have the patience to tolerate these queues, week by week this game has seen major improvements in server stability, bugs and so on.

And if your not happy with the current situation, you can always stop playing and come back in a year, pretty sure the queue will be gone :p

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