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# 1 Redesign of Exchange UI
02-06-2010, 02:05 PM
The Exchange is rediculous. I can't beleive how greedy people are. Do people really, really have this need to fly around saying I have a million energy credits? OMG! I am absolutely discouraged to sell stuff on the Exchange because it gets lost in this ocean of WAY over-priced stuff. People just because the item says its Rare doesn't mean its that rare. 80% of the stuff I loot in combat is either Uncommon or Rare. So how rare can the be?

The Exchange needs to have either one of two things or both:

- Ability or default sort order of price (lowest to highest)
- Ability to search by character or username so that a player can promote his postings.

I beleive that the first one is a definite doable request since it really is a database query and in that query DEVs can place an ORDER BY **** ASCENDING statement to order the prices. I feel if someone wants to post an Impulse Engine Mk II Common for 100k that is worth 1500 or something to that effect should suffer at the bottom of the list that most people will never scroll to. The second option would be nice if you happen to enter a mission with another player and you see they could use something they are selling. You could tell them when they have a chance to visit the exchange and search for your Avatar and look at your listings for what they are looking for. However, I still beleive the first option is the best since someone posting things at rediculous prices can deceive newbies into thinking they absolutely need some item to get better and tell them to search under their Avatar and buy their stuff at ridiculous prices .

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