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Hi and welcome ,

GFX, to save a mouthful Has been a longstanding gaming institution of like-minded gamers. Mainly UK based, it never turned away good people and its base, although still mainly based with UK folk, grew and attracted members from all over... Including Holland, Norway, U.S. and other places. Surviving many many years and several different incarnations, the core group of gamers and friends still survives after a good 10 years. Originally and still mainly confined to the FPS arena, through such games as Tactical Ops, Call of Duty 4&5, Battlefield 2/Vietnam. Also dipping our toes in other genres such as RTS.

Although an avid MMO addict myself, GFX never really branched out into the MMO scene as a group. Several having dabbled in odd MMOs such as EvE & WoW, we came onto the recent Pirates of the Burning Seas where a group of us took the plunge and lead a society(guild) together, and i must say we had a very successful run. Now I've come (hopefully with a couple of other vet GFXers) to set up a guild for a game that will be very close to my heart, Star Trek.

This Fleet/guild will be ran the same way GFX has always been run. If you decide to join us, this is what we can offer you:

* A mainly Federation Guild.

* A friendly atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy your gaming experience with likeminded folk.

* A Teamspeak voice communication server. Our fleet wont be totally dependant upon it as some are uncomfortable with voice comms.

* Fun and active Forum, eventually.

* Excellent clan structure, with Command members available to help organise events and run the guild effectively.

* A great clan history. Maybe some of these ring a bell.. GFX, Brave 600. Royal/Mutinous Musketeers. To name a few.

* A fun participation in PVP, PVE, group action. Although i personally am not an RPer, we will not dishearten those that wish to indulge in it.

What we would require of you:

* You must understand that [GFX] is a very social group. We will require you to be able to speak a decent bit of English. All are welcome, we dont discriminate.

* [GFX] has always had a very good reputation in the communities of the games we have participated in, and we expect our members to respect that.

* You will be expected to help your fellow guildmates, and also other gamers. Our outward reputation is paramount. ( Pun intended )

* Because of the maturity we look for in members, we have a minimum age of 18 (although this can be negotiated in certain cases depending on the persons attitude/maturity).

Cheers, Good Luck and Have Fun!

To find out more... Visit our forums, learn more, and maybe drop in an application.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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02-13-2010, 04:43 AM
We are still looking for new captains to bolster our ranks. If you are interested please visit out forums at the link above to find out more.

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