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So I'm going to post about this again, since there STILL has not been any response from anyone on this issue.

And even more to the point I believe it's considered a SHOWSTOPPER issue.

Showstoppers: A showstopper bug is any issue which blocks/hinders significantly a playerís progression through a particular piece of content or game system is broken.

Here are a few examples

* A client crash (the client locks up or becomes unresponsive)
* When attempting to Beam Up/Down there is no option to or it doesnít function, thus you get stuck in a map.
* An objective for a mission or episode does not update and thus you become unable to progress through the mission.
---> * An interactive object you need to complete a mission/objective is missing, cannot be targeted or interacted with.
* A contact or NPC doesnít complete a mission or allow it to be acquired.
* You canít get your next tier ship
* When you get a mission reward the on screen text displays but the reward is not actually given.
* Chatting doesnít work.

So here's the link to my original post,

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