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# 1 Ground Combat Lag
02-06-2010, 02:48 PM
Does anyone else get lag in ground combat? This is an FPS lag, but it's NOT my computer, because A. it's a beast, and B. it only happens in ground combat, and only at certain times.

What happens is, in ground combat, sometimes the game (and by game, I mean framerate) completely freezes for about a second. The most noticeable and recurring time it happens is when I use tab to switch targets, where it seems to happen every time. I've noticed it happening a bit here and there outside of switching targets, but nothing as frustratingly regular as when I switch targets.

My friend told me that when he played beta, the same thing happened to him. I didn't notice it as much then as I am now, and it makes ground missions really frustrating and annoying to play through when the screen freezes for nearly a second every time I switch targets. Especially considering, you know, seeing as it's an MMO and the enemies' actions occur serverside and not clientside, the enemies keep attacking in the time I'm frozen.

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