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04-02-2014, 07:34 AM
Honestly I think destroyer in this game means "escort with a mode change button". So yea, its a lot like an escort.

I still say if you can get it, the fleet vet destroyer is superior. I love my gurumba, but $25 for a ship that is significantly inferior to one that costs $5 (or EC, for the module) is hard to justify.

And if not, well the gurumba is a terror for pve, a solid and fun ship. And its cool looking too.
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04-02-2014, 10:02 AM
I second Captpirko's request for B'Rel builds.

I never really settled on a build for long, tinkering daily, but here is one of the builds I used alot with just torps:

Breen deflector, engines, elite fleet warp core (aux and engines), elite fleet shield capx2/ resB

TS1, TS2, APO1, APO3
EP2E1, ET2, A2D2
EP2E1, A2D1
HE1, HE2

3 technicians, Warp Core Eng, Matter-Antimatter (for aux to damp)

It could outrun just about anything but a hargh 'peng or energy weapons. Add the cloak, and it disappears shortly after you even see it fly by.
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04-02-2014, 11:40 AM
I won't claim to have the most knowledge about it, but I know it pretty well, and I will give some general pointers for making a torp-B'rel. It will mostly be referring to PvE only right now, along with being focused on a transphasic build (though you can apply a lot of this to other types).

1. Squeeze everything you can out of it in terms of raw damage. Seriously, with only 3 tac consoles, you need to get everything you can out of it. Getting damage (outside of your spec or something like tac buffs) can include:

a. KHG or Breen set. I prefer the KHG set, even though it doesn't affect any mines (including the cluster torp), because I consider the set bonuses and individual pieces overall more worthwhile.
b. Romulan tac BOFFs from the embassy, for crit boosting
c. Nausicaan non-tac BOFFs, for their Pirate trait, which DOES stack the damage bonus, but not the stealth bonus. The damage bonus however does affect all damage, no matter what it is. Also, IMPORNTANT, don't waste money on very rare Nausicaan BOFFs. ALL (and I do mean all) Nausicaan BOFFs are guaranteed to come with the Pirate trait, so don't feel like you have to get expensive ones.
d. If a tac, use tac buffs; if a sci, use Sensor Scan.
e. Rep traits and such. Get anything you can from em, even after they are revamped in season 9; I'm looking at you tier 2 Omega and tier 4 Nukara.
f. AMP Elite Warp Core certainly is an extra you can keep on easily.
(There are other things, but that is all I have atm off the top of my head)

2. Breen Cluster is your friend. Seriously, this little bugger HURTS. There's lots of ways to boost it, and this is your primary offensive weapon. It just needs timing to use well, so beware and get practicing that. It also does splash damage, so you can hit multiple enemies at once. Also, if it crits when you fire it, ALL of it's damage is auto-critted.

3. PWO DOFFs. Seriously, up to 3 purples, or at LEAST 3 blues. Any other DOFFs past that are your choice.

4. Hit hard, hit fast. You are a BoP, you will die eventually. Especially a B'rel flying cloaked so much. So do what you can but do not stay out too long if you can avoid it.

5. Use science. Jam and Scrambles are a GREAT means of keeping enemies off of you. Big bad Borg Cube aggroed to you? Jam it. Bunch of ships close together hunting for you? Scramble em. You can also do all of this while remaining cloaked.

6. Aceton's are a wonderful distraction. NPCs LOVE AA's. Seriously, drop one out and they will just have a field day happily shooting at it without end. It's extra fun if it's crits. It's a great way of pulling heat off of yourself.

7. Max aux. You don't need any silly weapons or shield power, so why waste your time trying to get any (exception: unless you are wanting more boosts from an AMP core), especially shield power. So be sure to fly with 125 or more aux (depending on warp core of course), and the rest pumped into engines.

8. Feel free to help others. I don't mean kill enemies, which you should be, but you can heal others while cloaked, so you can toss those A2SIFs, or HEs, or whatever you want to other people.

9. Experiment. These are just some general points, there's a lot you can do with a BoP, especially the B'rel.

Ok, here's what I might consider a 'basic' build for a transphasic B'rel build, to help someone get started:


Shield/Engine/Deflector: Breen set or KHG set

Warp Core: Anything, but with a focus on boosting aux and/or engine power.

Fore, Breen Cluster, Breen Cluster, Transphasic torp*, transphasic torp*,
Aft, Transphasic mine*, anything you want
*Try and have a focus on CrtD modifiers if you can


Tac: 3 transphasic consoles
Eng: Any universal consoles you might want to use, if not, Neutroniums
Sci: Graviton or Particle Gen consoles, or a mix there-of


Cmdr: TT, THY 2, TS 3, DPB 3,
Lt. Cmdr: TSS 1, HE 2, GW 1,
Lt: JS 1, SS 1,
Lt: EPTS 1, RSP 1


2 of anything else you want

Hope that this has helped. I can post a more advanced build, but has a lot more of an expensive shopping list.

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04-10-2014, 11:11 PM
sorry for this slow reply, i was just going over this with a fleet mate and we had a question.

if you spend most of your time cloaked, why would you want EPTS or RSP? i'd think you'd want engineering team and a emergency power to engines. that way you can do those sexy hull heals to keep you or a friend alive, but also you could rocket out of there if your shields fall. especially if you throw in an engine battery.
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04-11-2014, 07:58 AM
I use EPtS for emergencies, but i run Aux to SIF for heals in the Lt slot.

Did they buff Exotic damage? I saw pulses of GW for 2000+ per ship yesterday, which seemed pretty decent.

Anyway, my cheap rainbow torp build right now (KDF Sci)

Gravimetric torp, Transphasic, Photon, Tricobalt

Plasma torp, Hargh'peng

KHG 2 piece plus the Solanae Dyson deflector

I also run the Rule 62, but it isnt strictly necessary.

Granted, Beta Thoridar in Normal (Tau Dewa patrol) is easy because BoPs suck, but i would drop a Grav Well, fire TS3 (gravimetric) into the ball, and wipe out a whole wave. BoPs, Escorts, Cruisers... all wiped. The tightly packed GW and gravimetric rifts would rip them up. Sometimes i would also fire a HY Tricobalt or Plasma, depending on my range to target (tricobalt is fore, plasma aft)... but often, i would load the HY and have nothing to shoot.

Once Sci ships get 2 deflectors or whatever, i hope we get a 2 deflector BoP.
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04-11-2014, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by captainpirko View Post
sorry for this slow reply, i was just going over this with a fleet mate and we had a question.

if you spend most of your time cloaked, why would you want EPTS or RSP? i'd think you'd want engineering team and a emergency power to engines. that way you can do those sexy hull heals to keep you or a friend alive, but also you could rocket out of there if your shields fall. especially if you throw in an engine battery.
Well, I recommend EPTS and RSP if you are just starting out using a BoP, especially a non-B'rel. Yes there are a lot of good ways to escape and such, but using some basic heals at that level can be good while you are still getting used to it.

Once a person has settled into flying a BoP, then I do recommend other things. Heck, my own personal B'rel has no eng BOFF slots, and keeps only a TSS 1 and HE 2 as heals.

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04-11-2014, 02:47 PM
Yeeeah. KDF used to be fun. Then they introduced the Romulan faction.

It was still ok, KDF had some heavy hitters like the Bort that the Rommies couldn't come close too... HELLO SCIMITAR.

It's ok... we still have battlecruisers which are just so much better than the fed space whales... HELLO FLEET EXCEL AND FLEET SOVVY AND AVENGER.

It's ok... we still have BoPs... HELLO ALL ROMULAN WARBIRDS...

It's ok... we still have carriers... HELLO ATROX, RECLUSE, JHDC...

It's ok... we still have... um...


We still have Orion Females!!!!! HELLO SUMMER EVENT WITH RISAN BIKINIS!!!!

Oh ffs!!! COME ON!!!!

It's ok... we still have... ...

Frak it. I'm gonna go back to my Reman now...
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
Why the Devs can't make PvE content harder. <--- DR proved me wrong!
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04-12-2014, 08:09 AM
Ran Crystalline Catastrophe for the first time last night. Elite was easy in my B'rel. Died once doing something dumb, but i forget what i did.

Otherwise, i locked down the shards with grav well 1 & 3, plus TS 2 & 3 with gravimetric torpedos. Super easy "elite".

Since my D'deridex has LtCom Tac and Sci, i will try running GW1 and TS3 on it. Sure, i could run Beam FAW 3, but i liked seeing gravimetric spreads & i can throw FAW2 into a Lt slot. Tanky cruiser that has battle cloak, plus Lt.Com in Tac AND Sci. Too OP for KDF!

The thing about the Atrox is that the Vo'quv is a free ship. Of course, they will buff Sci ships alongside our Raiders, and we have to pay for Sci ships like Starfleet has to pay for the Vo'quv. Almost makes me want to get a Varanus.
Nessia (KDF Sci), IKS Korrasami (Fleet B'rel Bird of Prey Retrofit T5-U)

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