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# 1 here we go again :(
02-06-2010, 02:52 PM
This is ****, 1079 in que now, i suppose to wait 2-4 hours for this?
And you will be needed to sit in front of your computer to, if you get logged in and not responding to keyb in 15 min you will be disconnected and que over again.

Thx for me, i was gue 9 hours in **** 2 times before i rejected my payments in that **** game..

it was a quit nice game. but que is NOT an option for my payments in future with time limit to play.
And i don't care if the fix it i (like **** sad) 1 week. hey didn't do a **** about it in 3 week

NICE WORK, make a game about future but can's see what's happen in the past

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