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I have this carrier sitting in my shipyard for white a while. Thinking to take it for a ride. Need some suggestions/recommendations about how to do an A2B build on it.

BOFF RACE: All Nausicaan for Pirate trait.

  • Cmdr Sci: Sci Team I, HE II, Siphon II, GWII/III.
  • Lt. Cmdr Eng: Eng Team I, A2B1, DEM II
  • Lt. Cmdr Tac: Tac Team I, APB I, FAW III
  • Lt. Eng: EPtW 1, A2B1

  • Tac: 2x Disruptor MKII very rare consoles from Sphere
  • Sci: 3x Particle MKII very rare consoles from Embassy [-TH] with [HuH] or [ShH]..
  • Eng: 1x Borg, 1xLeech/1xBioneural/1xTachyokinetic, 1xZero point, 1xNakura

Plasma-Infused A->W or W->A

DEFLECTOR: KHG for +18 particle generator.
2 pc SET BONUS: +7 Aux power

SHIELD: Not decided yet. Something with high capacity and high regeneration?

WEAPONS: 5x Fleet advanced disruptor arrays with CrtD. 1x Borg beam

PETS: 2xQaw'Dun

1x Attack Pattern Doff cooldown
2x Flight deck officers for cooldowns in pet launches
3x Technicians

DEVICES: Weapon battery, Engine battery, Dutrium surplas, Aux battery/shield battery.

1. Would pirate trait stack for 4x Nausicaan, or should I get 1x Human for leadership?
2. Which shield?
3. Any suggestions or am I missing something?

I'd expect it won't score 1st position in DPS race but should be able to get 2nd position.
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03-31-2014, 04:50 AM
Using a Zemok seems a bit unnecessary when you already are running 2xATB. Siphon may not exhibit the greatest performance given that it is aux-dependent. Consider something like Sci Team instead.

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03-31-2014, 11:58 AM
On Science heavy Aux2batt ship it's best to use Science powers that don't rely on high aux.

TBR and PSW, aux only affects the push... So less push actually means more damage.

I'd subjects something like this...

Cmdr Sci: ST1, HE2, PSW2, TBR3
Lt. Cmdr Eng: ET1, AtB1, EPtS3
Lt. Cmdr Tac: TT1, FAW2, APB2
Lt. Eng: EPtW1, AtB1

3x Tech
1x Tractor beam (TBR Reverse)
1x Photonic (PSW aftershock)
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03-31-2014, 11:16 PM
thanks guys for the responses.
Yes, indeed I need EPtS and offensive sci powers which are not that much depended on aux power. Gotta look into them
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04-07-2014, 11:18 AM
You could also try using a single Aux2batt and change the second copy do Aux2damp. This would allow you to still be able to use aux dependant powers when your Aux2batt effect expires while still benefit from the cooldown reduction.

Also, Aux2damp used along with the matter-antimatter doff will give you a nice damage resistance buff along with an increased duration of the ability itself.

As for the shield, you could try an elite fleet shield or the adapted honor guard (if you are not using plasmonic leech) for the power bonus it gives.

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04-07-2014, 12:34 PM
One of my engineers is running a chepo version of what you are doing, mostly cheap story gear (except for the weapon and hangars) and set up for auxless healing.

Solanae deflector, engine and shield, obelisk core, 360 ap beam + 5 adv fleet AP beam arrays and 2 elite BOPs hangars
Consoles are all blue mk xi neutronium, field generator and AP mag regulators

Power set at 100/70/15/15
All Nausicaan
Cmdr Sci: PH1, HE2, ST3, TBR3
Lt. Cmdr Eng: Eptw1, AtB1, ET3
Lt. Cmdr Tac: TT1, FAW2, APB2
Lt. Eng: EPtS1, AtB1

3x techs and 1 doff each that boosts the effects of each team ability. Given the long cooldown of the bops I should trade those for a few flight deck officers with hangar cooldown reduction.

DPS on ISE was about 10k, 4k for the BOPs, 6k for the carrier, without a premade team so no stacking of APB in that number.
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