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OK, this maybe on a thread somewhere but I cannot find it, so bear with me.

If soloing and doing stupid attacks because there is no fear of loss of ships or xp is your thing, so be it knock yourselves out.
However, when you are grouping with others, be kind and fight RIGHT!!!

No consequences for death equals ****ed off team mates. There HAS TO BE some form of payment for doing dumb stuff and turning a 20 min deal into a hour or hours of respawning or burning up all your hypos because someone is not listening, makes for a longggggggg friggen day.

If you lose a ship or xp or credits or even cool pts ect ect, then players will think twice before just charging in because it looks cool when everybody gets blown up and/or wiped out and has to start over. It wastes time and some of these episodes are long enough as it is. So please, can we get some battle disipline forced upon us. OR make a server for seasoned MMO players who know how to group and fight and NOT make themselves look like a bunch of drunk monkeys having sex with a flat football.

Yes, we use head sets and can live chat. Communication is not the problem, its the no fear of dying that is the problem. Thank you for your time Have a Nice Day

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