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# 1 Memory Alpha confusion
02-06-2010, 05:05 PM
I recently went here to finish a quest and talked to Romaine, deposited the artifact. Now she tells me I have to keep giving her anomaly items to be deciphered before I can talk to the other scientists. Well I have lots of these items to give her but the only option I get is to sell them to her. I don't think this is what I"m supposed to do. Isn't Memory Alpha one of the main ways to make money by having your unknown items identified, so you can sell them. Can anyone advise me if I'm doing something wrong or if this area is glitched?
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# 2 Memory alpha
02-07-2010, 03:28 AM
Sorry - not an answer. I am also being driven mad by this. I've got hundreds of artifacts and samples and Lt Romaine just keeps telling me to get out there an get some more. What is the deal with this?
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# 3
02-07-2010, 04:07 AM
This is another case of Cryptic being ... vague and cryptic.
In order to understand the answer you're given, you need to already understand the answer. If you understand the intent behind the answer given, then you understand the answer ... if you don't, you're like "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?"

The way to "interact" with Romaine in order to turn in your anomalies you've found is via the Store interface. Don't ask me why Cryptic thinks that telling you you'll need to "vendor" your salvaged anomalies was the way to go for this, instead of a clear "Process Anomalies" heading for the option to do just that.

Anyway ... Romaine has several "standard formulas" for how to "use" your anomalies. Yes, they're ALL ANNOYING in their distribution of necessary materials. After "buying" an unspecified number of upgrades through Romaine's "store" using the anomalies you've found to modify equipment you've got in your inventory (yes, a ridiculous number of pre-conditional hoops you have to jump through) ... Romaine will let you know that you can now "talk" to other self-centered and pre-occupied scientists there in Memory Alpha.

What's the threshold number of upgrades you need to do? No idea. Cryptic just can't stop being ... vague and cryptic about these things. Supposedly the required number of upgrades "bought" was lowered in a patch this week. Lowered from what to what? Cryptic couldn't be bothered to say in their patch notes.
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# 4
02-07-2010, 04:22 AM
Collect anomalies, combine them with regular items, upgrade those items in Romaine's store. Rinse and Repeat to unlock other scientists there. How many times? Who knows, but Cryptic did lower the threshold in the latest patch.

Red.Line, you're an English major, aren't you?

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