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Yeah, I'm bad at that kinda stuff. I already have 3 50s and a KDF on the way but I like to try and gear out all my toons, that's my problem there. The toon I was talking about in this thread is actually an alt.

Perhaps I'll make the KDF a Dil farmer.
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This is why we need a Fleet Scimitar with updated Shield Modifier, Console, and Hull strength stats..
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Originally Posted by shurato2099
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Originally Posted by thegalaxy31 View Post
This is why we need a Fleet Scimitar with updated Shield Modifier, Console, and Hull strength stats..
Beside that I really hope this is sarcasm... that wouldnt even help (well beside the console slot...).
The Scimi already has tons of hull and a high shield mod... Whatever kills the current one fast will kill a +10 % version as fast.
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You need get used to flying it with the massive inertia it has, because turning to quickly in it causes your speed to drop quickly, and when speed drops so to does your defense.

Get used to full battle impulse strikes, than when needing to turn come to a full stop and re-engage at 1/4-1/2 battle impulse, to keep the target in those cannons arc and initiate full battle speeds to close in on them.

You will in time get used to judging how far the big bird will slide due to inertia, so play around with full battle impulse to full stop and 1/4-1/2 turns and back to full, when closing in on targets.

Once you have mastered her handling, than boff skills and gear can be better determined by yourself as to the needs of your weapons layout.

If you expect to be uncloaked long periods with most of the agro focused on you, you may want to consider some armor with plenty of shield healing or at least one RSP skill from an eng boff, and make good timing of brace for impact.

If you prefer a more hit and run style, than carry at least one APO and a polarize hull to keep off tractor beams, one armor console is all that is needed and preferably either empwr2eng, or a core with engpwr build up to quicken your strafing runs.

I tend to prefer at least one DBB or a BA up front, for the much needed dps when the heavy cannons are out of arc, like a DBB up front with 1 BA aft followed with turrets remember never let them out of any weapons firing arc, and turrets are kind of weak in the dps so back them up with at least 1-2 weapons at all times.
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In Star Trek Nemesis, the Scimitar's hull was brittle. When the Enterprise rammed it, it got it's clock cleaned. On the STO side of things, just like other ships it has it's plusses and minuses. I don't think they should change it but wouldn't be opposed to a fleet version.

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Originally Posted by adorenko View Post
I've been flying a Scimitar now for a little over a month and can't help but come to conclusion of three possible things. This ship is awful as Tactical, I have a bad build or I suck at Tactical or maybe just maybe there is something else someone could shine some light on.

To start I have a MK XI Jem'Hadar build, all polaron weapons in keeping with the Jem'Hadar, I ditched the 3 piece consoles that came with the bundle pack for more tac console space. My tac consoles are basic MK XI polaron buffed and couple cannon buffed, wasn't sure how bad 5 polaron consoles would be with diminishing returns. The other consoles are just filled in by what I found that would either buff shields a add defense or resist. What other viable space sets are out there? All the builds I came across seemed to point to the Jem'Hadar and to me it seemed to be the best for tactical, maybe it isn't the best for such a barge of a tactical ship?

One mistake I may be making is that this is my first ship at tier 5 in Tactical so I don't have a good frame of reference for other tactical ships. I know that this ship is not the norm when it comes to tactical ships either, one thing that kills me is that the inertia is the same here as it is on my Obelisk, that's messed up. The turn rate for Scimitar is pretty good for its size though but I'm constantly sliding all over the place with such a high inertia(which is weird on the stats it shows a lower number than ships with low inertia). I have to figure with a smaller ship my defense bonus(This is like avoidance correct?) would be higher, is it the goal of most Tac ships to avoid damage rather than resist it? Because I gotta tell you it seems like the attacks against me are like they're throwing beach balls against the side of a Barn. I'm driving a Barn, Great!!

Perhaps I have something wrong in my Boff abilities, I can't think of them all off the top of my head but I'll try and list them out: cannon rapid fire, cannon scatter fire, alpha pattern, beta pattern, omega pattern, hazard emitters, engineering team, tac team, torp spread, torp high yield, emg power to shields and feedback pulse. I think that's all of them, I am not overly attached to any one of these skills. I feel like I need more to repairs with the damage I'm taking all the time but I know this is wrong because I shouldn't be hanging out in fire fights long enough to take this much damage.

This leads into the part about me sucking at Tactical. Should my strategy be to perform hit and run attacks. If so that poses some problems for me as this ship doesn't seem to want to cooperate with me, as it is not as agile as most tac ships. What is the best tactics to run on this type of ship or does this ship just go against everything that a tactical ship is supposed to be?

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Jem 11 shields are really bad. That is likely half your problem right there... If you have the rep consider upgrading to the borg 12 set, a MACO shield, or at the very least the Solanae shield from the new mission (I'm horrible with names... "A Step Between Stars" maybe?)

full uptime on EP2S + high uptime on tac team are considered basic "stay alive" dogma... That said if you are in a beam boat and have a Transporter officer tac team is 100% optional (Pretty sure a scimitar can fit it with no problems, tho... Transporter officers are a trick I reserve for ships with only a lt tac to work with... (edit: don't try it in PvP... it isn't nearly as effective...) Don't forget to manually redistribute your shields!!!! And turn to keep your depleted shield face away!!! Basic survival skills people forget or never learn when they become reliant on tac team...

Other than those basics... the trick is to learn how many (few?) survival skills you can get away with and still hurt things. Try dialing back the damage some and focusing on surviving. As you get better at taking the hits you can scale up on DPS.
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It's a slow turning vessel with lots of mass and hull. It's a cruiser. Fly it like one.
It's not a battle cruiser like the mogh or avenger.

I run this ship in PvE as a tank using an engineer and I get 20K DPS in ISE runs. My fleetmate who gave me the build I posted earlier in this thread uses a tactical captain who gets more than 30K DPS in it with the same build. The top DPS acheived in ISE as far as I have found is 82K DPS using a........ you guessed it, a Scimitar!

With a CDR tac BOFF station on a cruiser, this thing really begs you to run it using 2x Aux to Battery setup.
Check my previous post in this thread for the setup.
Use beam arrays, not cannons or torpedoes. Use EPTS3 instead of EPTW3 to beef up shield resistances and heals if it isn't able to absorb enough damage for you. Use science team when the borg set or the valdore console isn't doing enough shield healing. Use polarize hull to keep moving when tractored.

If you are using it in PvP, that's a whole different situation.
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In PvP cannon Scimitars are always half of the time cloaked and stay visible until ambush lasts and then cloak again because of set 2 bonus. FAW ones are 101% of the times supported by a healer, that ship gets way too much attention to hold its own.
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04-07-2014, 08:05 PM
Good point about PvP, but the poster did mention that PvP is not the aim, right? With the scimitar, PvP=cannons, PvE=beam arrays.
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Originally Posted by fakefive View Post
It sacrifices defence for offence. 'n not as much as you think.

I thought all romulan warbirds have that configuration.. warbirds have low defense and high offense. Or there is a way to have high defense (i mean hull or shield strenght, for example) and offense in a romulan warbird??

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