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# 1 third times the charm?
02-06-2010, 06:05 PM
On one of those missions that takes you from space to land to space etc. Having a grand time for myself.

What is getting under my skin is everytime I try to go to the next part of the mission, I get KICKED TO QUEUE! I have done 3 steps in this mission and have ended up kicked from the server and placed in a queue 3 times. This last time is the best yet: You are 67/67, then I was 43/75, then I was 13/65. Then I get the character screen! ALRIGHT! I hit the button to play and now.......drum roll please....I'm 118/188! In the last hour Ive played approximately 18 minutes.

Ill deal with the server connection losses, the server crashes but if Im already IN THE GAME PLAYING STOP KICKING ME OUT TO A LOGIN QUEUE!

Hey devs, you made a game we all like to play, maybe you need to start kicking you IT guys in the a$$ to get this running correctly.

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