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02-07-2010, 02:38 AM
well, after getting some juicy questrewards on the federation side at tier 2, like a blue shipshield with like 7k health (my tier 3 blue shield on klingon side only has like 3500 health), a blue personalshield, which knocks attackers back a few feet after they meleeattack, blue weapons and the like; in my opinion the feds definitely hold the advantage due to their accessable better gear (especially at lower tiers, I have no clues about tiers above 3)
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02-07-2010, 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by Meat_Machine
Lots of things.

Kdf have almost no pve, so the kdf players who play only klingon have nothing but human opponents. They don't end up identifying with pve roles. Their ships and their skills are entirely set up for killing player ships.

feds on the other hand do all manner of pve, and so they end up identifying with roles - tank, dps, support - and they spec into those roles. You will rarely see kdf outside of premades that supports other kdf.

That's just the nature of wolves.
I do all sorts of healing, exclusively Klingon =( I feel so unloved
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02-07-2010, 03:34 AM
There doesn't really seem to be an advantage - When both sides are constantly whining for nerfs, it usually means it's balanced.

What I have noticed though is, Klingons will generally win if both sides are not using team work (and no, calling a focus target is not enough team work). Mostly by the sheer damage of their more frequently used cannons.

Another major "advantage" the klingons have is PvP oriented people - such is the nature of the beast.

Fed pugs are usually consisting of people playing for PvE and without the slightest clue on PvP mechanics.

Now the other end of the spectrum that I've noticed - when a good group of feds come together with decent team work, klinks will lose most games.

All in all, I've been having a blast with PvP winning or losing. Still I wish less games turned into chat room wars about who is overpowered. I always try to be the voice of reason, but neither side will have none of it when they are losing hehe
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02-07-2010, 03:44 AM
I dont know what is the reason for people to perpetuate the myth about Fed's being PVP handicapped because they do PVE. I know alot of Feds who only do blue reward missions and rest of the time do PVP.

In my circle of STO friends, pvp is the driving force not PVE and yes we win 90% of T3 games, but that is solely due to us being a group. My overall view about current pvp (T3), is that the damage difference is a bit too significant. Having cannons on cruiser that actually can turn is really the advantage the klingon have to feds.

I accepted the situation of feds not having cannons when i rolled them (played klingon in beta), but i do feel like we need something to even out the damage difference between klingon and fed cruisers.

Finally the extra hull means absolutely nothing, i would give 20% of my hull to match klingon cruiser dps.
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02-07-2010, 03:45 AM
Originally Posted by Rothnang
Klingon Cruisers turn twice as fast as federation cruisers, and you can get into position while invisible, so people can't avoid your opening volley no matter what.
Granted. I'll set up cannons on a K't'inga and check it out.

After that initial volley I'd suspect I'd miss the 250 degree arc beams but that's just me. I'll check it out.

Thanks for correcting me.

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