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# 1 Arcade Game
02-06-2010, 07:48 PM
Just wondering if it's me, or if others also feel like this is too much like an 'arcade' game?

I have my unopened boxed game in front of me. I pre-ordered, and got to take part in the open beta. I ran into a lot of bugs during OB though and didn't progress that far (got the Klingon Unlock and got to do a couple of space missions as Klingon, but that was it).

I suffered a minor hand injury at work this week, and now only have partial use of my left hand for the next few weeks...can still play the game, but at a slight disadvantage (left index finger in a soft cast...).

Managed to get my first PvP experience in today before the grace period expired. So, that should give you a good idea of how far I got with the game.

My impressions...

Pretty good graphics
Customization options are very good
getting team mates, finding friends, goes well
3d space is verygood
Graphic effects are good

Key board interface for space battles is too awkward...needs to have a follow target command...match target speed command would be good too.
Space maps are..well...too spatially cluttered
AI missions...I'd rather have 1 ship as an opponent thats really difficult/challenging to take out versus multiple easy ships...a simple, entry level bird of prey should NOT be able to take out a Battleship, AI or otherwise, and especially not a Battlleship thats escorted by other ships.
Should either have an autofire button to continously fire all weaps, OR weapons should both recharge slowly enough, and drain enough power that timing of shots is important...this likely would mean changing sheild strength and recharge settings. The way it is now...feels like an arcade game...just keep shooting and you have infinite lives too.
I know most, probably vast majority like the regenrating hulls. I hate that. Only Borg should have regenrating hulls (and only be ai as a result). There was a game called Silent Service II, a WW II submarine sim could repair some items at sea, some things could sometimes be repaired at sea, depending on how badly damaged, and other things could only be repaired at port. Hull damage should only be repairable at port....makes getting back to port both a challange and important.

As it stands now...can't quite bring myself to open the box and enter the code so I can keep playing. I think I'll put the unopened game up for sale on e-bay. On the other hand, I feel the game has really improved in its first week, so not sure if I'd regret selling the game at this point....

So, I'm very curious to see how my opinions/experiences compare to others.

Oh yeah, current mission I have as a Klingon is to lose 25 times to a human player...seems to be Cryptics idea of "dying well'. Klingon philosophy values dying well...but...dying well means pursuing an honorable course against all odds, and if you have to face death in the pursuit of an honorable goal, then fight with all your ability to succeed, even knowing your going to die in the process. Corresponds to something Myamoto Musashi said, "the way of the warrior is death"...a warrior who has already accepted that he is going to die is much harder to kill than one who is worried about getting killed. It doesn't mean go out and lose. I lost 8 times before the temporary key expired tonight...but I really don't understand the point of the mission. Just one more thing that makes me wonder about keeping this game or not.

Qa'pla, and die well (in the Klingon sense, not the game mission sense),


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