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Just read about the new Kit Frameworks coming out, and I like it. However, one opportunity this new game system opens up that I hope the devs will consider is the capacity for Cross Training. Multiclassing isn't exactly something that would work well in this game, but it would be great to see something that allows a better way to show that some folks have transferred from one specialty to another in their career, and while they probably aren't able to do everything from their old career as well as one who stayed with it, they do know a few tricks and techniques.

One way I thought would be excellent to do this would be to add Cross Training Traits, where at level 40, you'd unlock the ability to take a trait giving you access to a kit power from another specialization, and another at 50. This would allow some of that diversity, and tie it nicely into the character. I still think that's a good way to go, however, with the new technology provided by Kit Frameworks, they could offer some rare/very rare frameworks that have a slot or two that would accept a kit power from another specialization. It seems reasonable to me that at higher ranks/levels (40+) the Kit Framework system would support the eccentricities of a Admiral. For instance, a Tactical officer being able to drop a Phaser Turret, a Science Officer who could spawn a Medical Generator, or an Engineer who could throw a grenade (O'Brian would approve). You couldn't really replace the full functionality of having those other officer types on the team, but you could take up a little slack if one isn't available, and more importantly, express better individuality in your character's style and function.
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04-04-2014, 11:41 AM
This idea has come up a lot recently, and it was a regular forum topic before that too.

The thread up in Galactic news has a wide variety of suggestions to provide this sort of functionality.

And, I'm pretty sure Hawk reads that thread quite carefully.
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04-04-2014, 01:07 PM
A sci captain with shield and medical generator would be unkillable. No.

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