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02-07-2010, 05:20 AM
1. TOS
2. Enterprise
3. DS9
4. Voyager
5. TNG

I grew up with TOS, by the time TNG came out, i was used to heroes in space sorting out the problems by beating the crap out of an alien, blowing up their ship and making love to their green skinned girlfriend. TOS, Buck Rogers, The Last Starfighter, Star Wars EP4: A New Hope, Battlestar Galactica (the one where Starbuck was Face from the A-team and more than one black person was in the show and they had starring roles).

And that is why I hated Picards, talky talky, peace-loving, pyjama wearing, diplomatic, ship by commitee, take your families to meet the borg crap.

And that is why I liked Enterprise, because again we had a tough captain, who kicked ass, snogged aliens and didnt give a crap about diplomacy (until the end of it when the did that whole war on terror Xindi=Muslim crap, I dont need political commentaries liek that from a sci-fi show, if they wanted to do it like TOS the should have had a muslim on the bridge who said he was the Saladin of all Saladins (like Chekov was the Tsar of all Russias back int he cold war)).

What is better, an emote that makes you pull down your pyjama top before battle, or an emote that makes you screw up your face, make fists and scream "KHAAAAAAAAN!"?
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02-07-2010, 05:38 AM
I like the original series the best. And although to some extent that might be my age exhibiting a bias, I do think that the original series is admirable for being demonstrably more than the sum of its parts, in that it used the vehicle of futuristic science fiction to examine issues of the then present. Thus Kirk's Enterprise was a vehicle of discoveries and exploration in a very real sense, as well as a fictional one. And one that was not afraid to question itself either.

From the issues of equality for women, and racial discrimination, to the Prime Directive's allusion to the politics of intervening in the cultures of, most notably at the time, Vietnam, the original Star Trek series dared to question the morality of foreign policies and how we conduct ourselves with aliens and different beliefs that we encounter for real. It is no coincidence that the Enterprise's captain had the same initials as the then-recently assassinated president of the United States, made more obvious by the inclusion of a middle initial in Kirk's name, aping JFK. The exploration of Starfleet was an allusion to the bright hopes that Kennedy had wanted, and when it all went awry in south east Asia, such problems had a vehicle by which they could be openly discussed, albeit allegorically, with the Prime Directive. This was clever stuff.

That is not to say other incarnations of Star Trek have not done this, for example with TNG's Worf representing the warming relations with the former Cold War enemy that had been the Soviet Union that the Klingons had represented in the original, but the show that did it first, when censorship constraints were more likely to prevent it happening on TV, will always be the vanguard of such courageous screenwriting. Thus what I admire in the pioneering stories of Star Trek, is reflected in my admiration of the production values. Truly a programme that was prepared to boldly go places.

An interesting side aspect of this, is the Animated Adventures of Star Trek, made just a few years after the main show was canceled, but at a time when the programme's success had been assured by reruns in syndication. Unlike many animated variants of TV shows, the Star Trek version featured the vocal talents of most of the original cast alongside the writers of the TV series, as well as a large portion of its original production crew, thus retaining the soul of the original show in large part. Despite the notion of an animated version ostensibly appealing to children, this nevertheless meant that it had a cast and crew that pushed the boundaries of what could be done, again bravely tackling issues that any other animated series would not dared to have gone near, and as a result, refusing to be patronising to what was clearly going to be a largely youthful audience. So this again was in the best tradition of writing that is as challenging as it is inventive.

Thankfully, such traditions of boldly going, have largely continued in most incarnations of Star Trek, with Sisko's African American commander and Janeway's female captain, so despite my preference for TOS, I can well understand it when people find much to like in those shows too.

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02-07-2010, 05:56 AM
I like them all, for different reasons of course. I grew up with Voyager, so that will always be my favourite, but I like all Star Treks - except the 3rd and 4th season of Enterprise. Dear god, those were awful

My favourite movie used to be First Contact, but after I watched all of them again recently, I'd have to say Star Trek VI is the best one!
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02-07-2010, 06:00 AM
TNG is probably my favorite. Then TOS. DS9 I really didn't like at first, but I found that later episodes got me hooked back in again. Voyager was just the opposite. I started off really liking it, but after the first couple of seasons, I just lost interest. I didn't even bother with Enterprise because I thought it was just a desperate attempt by the franchise to get the fans back into the series, but after hearing some of the positve comments here I may give it another shot.
I grew up on TNG so that's probably why it's my favorite. I have a lot of fond memories of watching it with my family every week. Then I discovered the original series, and movies, and I found myself wondering why Picard couldn't be more like Kirk. However, as I've gotten older, I've come to realize some of Picard's finer points. It really occurred to me recently when I was re-watching season one of TNG, and I watched Skin of Evil. Here's this thing that has killed one crew member already (and a mainstay character, not just a redshirt), and is threatening two of the more popular characters, and Picard is argueing with it. That's when it occurred to me that Picard is like Abraham Lincoln. He knows his limitations as a human being, but he sticks to his convictions. Kirk is like Bill Clinton. Instead of berating the alien, and putting it in its place, he would have just punched it and then somehow convinced the alien that it deserved it and to let his people go.
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02-07-2010, 06:46 AM
tough question since I have favorite episodes from each show..

however based on cast, story and several other factors.

8. TNG:movies - I liked 2 of them but the rest were Awful

7. TAS - two really good episodes the rest where too childish

6. ENT - if it wasn't for seasons 1 and 2 and the theme music the show could have good

5. VOY - had some really good episodes with the rest being incredibly boring

4. TNG - if the episode centered around picard, data, worf or Jordi it was good, if Riker or troy where the focus forget it.

3. TOS:Movies - 4 out of 6 where great, of the remaining two one was ok and the other should be forgotten.

2: DS9 - Drama, Action, humor all in perfect balance, only about 6 bad episode

1: TOS - how can anyone not agree, the show was campy, it was drama, it was funny, it was sexist while promoting equality. nothing better. (ps. Klingons where communist cubans, and romulans where sexy vulcans, and andorians where the bad asp warrior people)
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03-18-2010, 10:19 PM
TOS, VOY, and TAS are all my favorite and dont make me pick between the three.
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03-19-2010, 01:46 AM
I love all the Star Trek series. I think it's too hard to pick which one is my favorite. I record them on my dvr and watch them when they are on.

I"d love to have all the series on dvd but it's so expensive.

For novels, definitely TOS era. I've read over a 100 Star Trek novels, mostly when I was in college. I've read tons of other books too, but I always love a good Star Trek novel.

Movie wise, it's hard to say. Again it's hard to pick. It's too hard...don't make me do it :p

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