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My second Foundry mission has been released!

The Wraith, the second part of my series, A Quiet Rebellion.

Pertinent information below!

Mission Name: The Wraith

Author: SerpentineOne

Project ID: ST-HPG7B5XK9

Faction: Federation
Starting Point: Wall panel in front of Transporter room on Earth Space Dock.

Level Requirement: Any Level

Runtime: Around an hour.

Mission Summary:
With the encrypted data packet decoded, Starfleet Intelligence has given orders to head for a location contained within.

The destination? The territory of a shadowy mercenary warlord named The Wraith.

Only he has the information they need.

Captain Testimonials:

Current Star Rating: 4.81/5

@johnnysnowball - "Excellent again. Orions, Klingons and Nausicaans usually bore me but this is a great story so far with action and intrigue - just as it should be! Looking forward to the Continuation."

@sunsetrev - "Excellently written with a ridiculously engaging storyline. The space battles were epic, and the characters interesting. Loved it, and can't wait for the next installment."

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As well, the link to the previous post with information on the first part is located HERE.

A Message From Nowhere, part one of the series, has recently been added to and modified! Be sure to give Version 2 of A Message From Nowhere a try!

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