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This might be a long post, but the game that we can play in this thread is going to be quite cool. So take your time, read through the OP, and then make up your mind whether you want to join or not.

With the conflict with the Undine again growing, the KDF has ordered all ships to return to shipyards. Here they will be outfitted with the new Bio-molecular torpedoes. One task force of Klingon ships has been directed to Ganalda Station.
The Undine themselves have however also heard about the refitting of Klingon ships. They are more than willingly to acquire this technology, in order to better defend their ships in future confrontations with the KDF. To achieve this, they have replaced the captains of several ships with infiltrators.
With an intergalactic conflict at stake, both sides have much to lose. Can the Undine of Ganalda neutralize the Captains of the Klingon ships, or are these Captains capable of finding and eliminating the Undine threat in time?

After the participants have signed up, the Narrator (which will be me) will forum PM each participant with a species. You will either be a Klingon or an Undine. After the Narrator starts the game, all players first vote for a Station Commander. This person, whether he/she is Klingon or Undine, will have a little more power in the rest of the game.
After this election, each player returns to quarters. The Undine can now PM with each other to pick out a target to kill. This player will then die. The rest of the players gather the following morning and discuss what happened.
During this discussion, the players will all vote at the end which Captain they believe has been replaced by the Undine. One player will end up with a majority of the votes. If there are multiple players tied, the Station Commander can have one additional vote to give somebody a majority. This player will receive a D’k’tang right in the face, killing the Captain. The Narrator will then reveal whether the player was an Undine or a Klingon.
Again the players return to quarters, again the Undine make a kill, and this process repeats itself. The game is ultimately won when either the Klingons or the Undine are all dead. The surviving players will then have won the game.
If the Station Commander dies during either a day or a night, there will only be new elections if there is more than 75% of the starting players still alive. After this, appointing a new Station Commander will not be possible.

Klingon: a Klingon does not have any special power. They will be able to volunteer and to vote for Station Commander, as well as to vote for Execution, but that is it.
Undine: the Undine have the power to kill anyone during the night. They are able to volunteer and to vote for Station Commander, as well as to vote for Execution. During the night period of the game, the Undine discuss their next target in a Personal Message thread, which includes the Narrator. They will only be able to progress once all of them agree on who to kill.
Station Commander: the Station Commander can be any species. He has the exact same power as the species he is. Next to that, the Station Commander can give one additional vote for Execution in case there are multiple players tied for execution.
Narrator: the Narrator is the game leader, and the one who made the OP. He/she will be in the Undine PM conversation to keep record of who the Undine decide to kill. He will also announce this victim. Next to that, the Narrator can advance the game once there is an execution or when there has been an assassination. As a last, the Narrator shall PM each user with their own species at the beginning of the game.

- Ghosting is not allowed! If any Captain dies, the player is not allowed to communicate with any other player about the game. This is especially true for Undine players: they cannot communicate the identity of other Undine towards another player.
- Dead means dead. Once your Captain is assassinated or executed, you cannot post in the thread until there is a winner declared by the Narrator.
- Everybody may claim to be a Klingon. If you are a different species than a Klingon, you cannot share this with anyone except in a PM with the Narrator, or in the Undine PM conversation.
- You are allowed to PM with other players during the match, as long as you don’t give details about your species, or the species of other players if they are still allowed. PM’s can and may however be published in the main thread.
- Making false quotes about any player in the game will lead to an infection with the Tribble virus, forcing your Captain out of the game. Essentially a kick from the game.
- Every player must catch up to the thread at least 2 times a day, on different moments (aka not before and after lunch). This is to make sure each player can participate in time in each stage of the game. Failure to be active will cause your captain to be infected with the Tribble virus, which is again a kick from the game.
- Be respectful to each other. Especially early game, executions will be random guesses, which can only be influenced by the (lack of) posts of a player. If you die early game, don’t rage about it.
- Each game stage (either day or night) will take a maximum of 24 hours (unless the Narrator is a little later than 24 hours ofcourse). However, if certain stages are completed faster, the Narrator can advance the game if he/she sees fit. If a player had not performed their vote, he/she is removed from participation.

How to participate:
For this first run, there will be a maximum of 10 players allowed. This will lead to a maximum length of 18 days for the first game (an Undine will need 9 nights at most to kill the other 9 players).
The first 10 forum posters who make a post in this thread that contains the content of the quote below, will be allowed to join the game. If there are not 10 players 48 hours after I have created this thread, the game will also commence.
I will join in this game. My captains name shall be {insert Klingon Name here}
Depending on the success of the thread, I will organize more of these threads in the future. For this game there are only two species, but I already have more species layed out (the Gorn, the Lethean and the Orion will all have an additional power over the regular Klingon, but will still belong in the KDF team and fight against the Undine). So basically, I am hoping for a good roleplay game experience, with a good amount of intrigue. With luck, we might have more of these threads in the future.
If you have any questions, feel free to post them as well. If this is going to turn out as a success, I will create an index with all the games, the details and so on. That thread can then also be used as a way of asking questions or making suggestions.

For now I say, sign up and enjoy the game!

Ow, and by the way: this idea is heavily inspired on the Dutch game "Weerwolven van Wakkerdam" (Werewolves of Awaketown if I had to translate it to English). It is also somewhat similar to the Garrys' Mod game mode Trouble in Terrorist Town. And if anybody knows this style of games from anything else, then you can beat me to it.

EDIT: As a request to the Forum Moderators (voluntary or not), could you help to keep this thread the way it is supposed to be? Especially when the game starts, it would come in handy to have somebody keeping an eye out for people who break the rules.

EDIT 2: With thanks to Bluegeek, How to PM (Forums).
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04-12-2014, 06:04 AM
I will join in this game. My captains name shall be Margon Anag.

(Had trouble logging in for this. Will I be the only player? This game is also like "Find The Founders" on the DITL forum. (Wish that someone would revive that.))
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04-14-2014, 05:13 AM
Yes, somebody is in!

9 spots open.

Gonna keep the queue open until we have at least 6 players, then we're gonna have the last cooldown before we have 10 players.
This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds between posts. BUT WHY?!?!?!?
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04-14-2014, 08:56 AM
Oh, what the heck, I'm in as well. My captain is Kroth, son of Vorn.

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04-30-2014, 04:03 PM
We could still use a lot more players for this one! Signing in is still ok!
This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds between posts. BUT WHY?!?!?!?
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05-13-2014, 01:10 PM
Well, people are not overly enthousiastic for signing in so far. If it won't be filled up within the next few weeks, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cancel the game.
This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds between posts. BUT WHY?!?!?!?
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