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# 1 What would you like to see?
02-07-2010, 04:47 AM
I know type of thread has been done before, but I wanted to pose the question again, but with a "fan service" perspective....

Suppose you could bubble up suggestions to the team about missions you'd like to see, or features you'd like to see, that were not included in the game for one reason or another...

No talking about stuff that's been removed via patching (Powerhue) I'm curious about actual moments of "Awww man, I can't do that? Lame..." ...

Ship class specific missions... These would be token "fan service" missions with potential rare items at the end for picking specific ship classes... An example of this would be a planet where you need an Intrepid class ship to perform the mission because you have to land the ship to conduct your away mission... Alternatively another mission where the saucer seperates from a Galaxy class this one would be tricky, but fun.... Maybe be something where you need a team mate who can take control one of one of the halves... Perhaps a random occurance of "This mission is HIGH risk, please only take the battle bridge with you..." or "We're only allowed to send one ship to this diplomacy mission that's going to end in a fight, so we're sending you cause you're two ships in one..."

I'm sure there are other suggestions, so I'm curious about what kind of fan service you'd like to see them implement...

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