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# 1 More ways to gain xp
02-07-2010, 05:35 AM
I'm a casual player, and I just reached CMDR. I did it mostly from Quin missions and Sulu's defend missions. It was fun and there was a good mix of things to do as far as ground and space combat with a little exploration mixed in. One thing that bothers me though, is the lack of instant gratification. I spent a good 45 minutes doing a few missions where I only got that xp boost at the very end.

I remember taking a statistics class back in college and we studied the effects of slot machines and how that the instant gratifiication of all those lights and sounds and coins made players happy and made them want to stay. I hate slot machines, but I do want some rewards for what I am doing in a game.

Maybe they could give a slight xp boost for finishing parts of missions, or give some xp for killing monsters.

Or maybe they could make a battlfield for more pve experiences. Just a thought. I'd like to log in for 20 minutes every now and then and get some xp.
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# 2
02-07-2010, 06:13 AM
I am playing 2 MMOs and mass Effect 2, I play this game the least. I got the Amazon Liberated Borg pre-order. Even though it was a bridge officer, and we all knew it was a BO. No one explained it would be an Engineering Bridge Officer... I believe we all thought it was going to be science or a "universal" BO. It was an Engineering Bridge Officer, as a result, I decided to delete all my Federation and Klingon toons and start over on Wednesday. Frankly, I could have played as-is, but I would have struggling, I would have lost skill points and was re-organizing my BOs. I am not a cruiser player, so having an extra engineering BO did nothng for me.

There is no need to rush in this game. This game is tiered. Have fun, take it slow, play a few hours... skip a few days. It is okay. Dont let Cryptic make it easier as it is. More EXP means I wont be able to experience as much content as it is. There is already content I am missing, since i am leveling too fast. If you PvP, you get more EXP as well and I will miss more content.

Luckily, I am a Life Time member and I have 5 slots to create toons on, I created one Federation toon specifically for missions and episodes and PvE. I created another toon on the Federation specifically for PvP. I have one Klingon Faction character specifically for space PvP and another Klingon character specifically for ground PvP. The 5th, I am holding in reserver. Maybe when the next faction comes out....

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